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Powered by the stars themselves

Spanning two decades and achieving worldwide popularity, the Stargate franchise gave Star Trek a pretty good run for its money – and is now even up for a movie reboot. The final spin-off, named Stargate Universe, tried to lure fans by adopting the grittier realism of shows like Battlestar Galactica. Unfortunately that shift didn’t gel with audiences, and the show was cancelled after just 2 seasons.

I’m a huge SG-U fan and was sad to see it go. So when German builder nameless_member produced this beautiful model of the star ship Destiny, it was nice to be reminded I wasn’t the only one…

I really love the compactness of this build – it’s probably the smallest scale that you could build Destiny at and still do it justice. It has just the right level of greebling, and the ship’s distinctive curvature is perfectly captured, as you can see from this rear angle. Even the shuttle craft have been included!

Friday Night Fights: In pursuit of Exo-llence

Welcome back fight fans, to Sin City Nevada for another round of Friday Night Fights. Tonight we join an ongoing fray, as the LEGO world continues to be gripped with Exo-suit mania. Hec, even the animals are getting in on the action! But let’s up the ante and give this a cinematic twist, shall we?

In the R-rated corner, we have a recreation of an A.P.U. from The Matrix Trilogy by Niki Dregant:

While over in the PG-rated corner, lurks a Unikitty-piloted Cloud Cuckoo Land Mech by Martin Gee:

As usual, constant reader, you are tasked with deciding, by way of comment, who will stomp their way to glory, and who is destined for the scrap heap. On the last edition of Friday Night Fights, Devil in the architecture Details, Nick Barrett’s Georgian town house prevailed with a monumental score of 11-0. Tune in next week for another action packed edition of Friday Night Fights!

Arca: Consummation, Cultivation,and Corruption

Arca is a story told by three builders: Max Pointner, Ian Spacek, and Paul Vermeesch about a dying planet where the inhabitants cultivate a little basket of life – Arca – and created a glittering city only to see corruption seep in.
Arca: Consummation
The overall construction of this build is extremely clever, an upside down Ziggurat with some fantastic transitions between a lush garden zone and dark cubes areas. I am having a hard time deciding if I like the little green house more, or the extremely complicated and interesting corrupted cube structure:

Arca: CultivationArca: Corruption

But what impresses me about this build, isn’t the interesting back story that they had developed or the quality and execution of the build itself, but the seamless manner in which three separate builders could create a single uniform build. I’ve had the pleasure of being in several collaborations over the years, but I have never been a part of something so tightly integrated. Though this isn’t the first time the three have collaborated on build – last SHIPtember they managed to some how build 1/3 of a SHIP each.

Thankfully Max has provided a bit of a behind the scenes on how they approached and executed the Arca Project for those looking at joining forces to do a collaboration build like this.

Get AMPD Up!

It’s super-fantastic-giant-robot fun time! Today’s featured giant robot is AMPED (Autonomous Multipurpose Drone), the brainchild of Marco Tagliaferri (Tagl), and it makes my teeth giggle. The model was a year in the making, has 25 geared points of articulation and will be displayed at the 10th annual Bricking Bavaria this November in Munich. I confess that I didn’t realize how far back Marco went with the hobby or how far he has come. Marco is obviously an O.G.


I can’t stop looking at the throwing pose, it’s absolutely perfect. As usual, constant reader, it has been a blast being your weekend DJ. Have a great week and I’ll see you at the fights next Friday.

” Dead or alive, you’re coming with me”

Kristi McWii (customBRICKS) returns to the Brothership with a study in minimalism featuring everyone’s favorite cyborg law enforcer from the 1987 film RoboCop. I know some of you don’t like free-floating parts in your models but I’m confident you can look past it and appreciate this immediately recognizable silhouette. Thank you for your cooperation.


Sunday Mecha Roundup

No, I’m not talking about Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztl├ín, although that would make fascinating subject matter for LEGO models, no I’m talking about that sub-genre of Sci-Fi that features giant robots and the people that tame them. So sit back, relax and let your inner thirteen year old enjoy this collection of ten rock-em sock-em war machines from builders both malevolent and benign.

We begin our nerdy exploration with “Fire Warrior Revised” from a builder who never fails to entertain, Nate Daly, who adds a lovely decorative base at no extra charge.

Fire Warrior Revised

Next we take a quick trip to Poland with Piotr H. and his “Prosthetic Commando” that puts those green Toy Story soldier helmets to great use.

'Prosthetic Commando'

Then it’s off to the digital dimension to palaver with the prolific Garry_Rocks about his latest effort ““Lazarus” Oni Class Mecha.

"Lazarus" Oni Class Mecha

More Mecha-action after the jump!