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Contests and build challenges are often a great way to get creative juices flowing. Check out our coverage of new contests here, and congratulate the winners of contests that have finished.

Droneuary highlights

January Droneuary is almost over and that means the special building month for all things drone is almost over too. There have been a myriad of stellar creations in this year’s challenge, but here are a few of my favorites:

The first is Olympus Mons from TBB’s own Simon Liu.
Olympus Mons
I just love the dramatic monochromatic feel this build exudes. It’s also interesting to note the religious undercurrent that Droneuary is known for. In this case the scene features Zeus instead of the usual “Dronezus”.

Next we have Markus Rollbühler and his trio of uniquely-colored Drones.
A Triplet of Drones.
There’s nothing like some rare and hard-to-find colors to get out of the comfort zone, but Markus makes it look surprisingly easy to build in dark turquoise, light aqua and bright light orange.

Finally we have the perennial Tyler Clites and his U.N. vs. Spetsnaz Drones.
U.N. vs. Spetsnaz Drones
The cold war didn’t end. Or did it? Tyler utilizes his mastery of character and figure posing here to full effect. You can almost feel the mist as the Russian drone sneaks up on his target.

LEGO Brickstory 2016 contest now open [News]

Croatian LEGO fansite Kockice.hr has announced their annual Brickstory contest, and they’re throwing it open to everyone. The four themes this year are Greatest Inventions, Ancient Civilizations, The History of Art, and One Moment in Time. Those are pretty broad categories, and they’re looking for a lot of different interpretations. There are also some nice prizes on the line, with 9 total winners.

Brickstory 2016

Slayn & Korpil A/SF-02 B-wing assault starfighter

Our friends over at FBTB are hosting a “Star Wars Evolved” contest inspired by the upgraded T-70 X-wings in The Force Awakens. The premise of the contest asks the question, “What would other Star Wars vehicles look like 30 years later?” xiei22 answers the question for the B-wing with this chunky blue and white beauty.

Evolved - B wing - "Blue friend"

I’m a sucker for schematics, so here’s a nice graphic explaining the enhancements. The original B-wing packed the punch of a capital ship, so the extra guns and rotating turrets are a particularly lethal upgrade.

Evolved - B wing - "Blue friend"

(The builder doesn’t specify the model number for his B-wing, but I’ve taken the liberty of incrementing it, just like the Incom T-65 X-wing became the T-70.)

Si-BORED Industries new drone creates a BUZZ of excitement

Now the festivities are over, the presents opened, and the New Year welcomed in, we can turn our focus to Droneuary. During the month of January Droneuary, there is a definite surge in the production of new drones within the LEGO community. These Wichtigtuer Beinenstick (lit. “busy-body beehive”) drones by our very own Simon Liu are busy with a hive task.

Das Wichtigtuer Bienenstock
Simon’s winged, honey-logistic drones were developed in response to comments on the original Wichtigtuer drone, which launched a couple of days ago. The original pectacular drones came armed with an ingenious brick-built weapon, complete with ironsight. Clearly the winged drone had to drop some lower body weight to achieve the miracle of flight.

TBB’s Pimp Rey’s Speeder contest winners [News]

With only DAYS to go until the new Star Wars movie opens in theaters (got your ticket yet? I have mine!), Rey is ready for opening night and can arrive in style with her fancy pimped out speeder thanks to all you builders.

With over 210 entries, I think Pimp Rey’s Speeder might be the most successful contest in my memory at The Brothers Brick. And while we could only choose three, there were some really amazing entries. I encourage everyone to grab a snack and look through all the wonderful entries. There were many many clever, funny, and just well-executed entries, but only one speeder can be crowned the winner of TBB’s Pimp Rey’s Speeder contest, as chosen by TBB contributors.

In first place is Jonas (Legopard) and his Rey’s Transformer:

Rey's Transformer

Which of course, actually transforms:

Jonas wins:

  • Fan Expo – Mini Tatooine Set
  • Millennium Falcon 75105
  • Rey’s Speeder 75099
  • Click to see all of the contest winners!

    TBB cover photo: December 2015

    The highly anticipated new Star Wars movie opens in just two weeks – as if anyone actually needs reminding of that any more. So what better excuse to whip you all into a frenzy, dear readers, than by having a Star Wars themed TBB cover photo all month! And this previously featured AT-AT habitat by markus19840420 seemed like the perfect choice:

    Wanna have your creation used as a TBB cover photo? Then submit it today! And you can keep up with the Brothers Brick by liking us on Facebook or following us on Twitter. And for occasional extra goodies, you can also follow us on Flickr or subscribe to us on YouTube.

    Speeder, speeder, SPEEDER!

    Our Pimp Rey’s Speeder contest now has over 100 entries! Thank you to everyone who has entered so far, we’re getting a real kick out of seeing all your crazy designs. Movies and TV still seem to be popular themes for speeder pimping. But as you can see below, we’ve also seen a lot of entries based on famous LEGO set themes. Get your entries in soon – you only have a 2 more weeks!

    Benny’s Speeder by John Kupitz

    Galaxy Force Buggoid Speeder by tankm

    Octan Speeder by Timmy’s Bricks

    Cinderella’s Speeder by Paddy Bricksplitter

    “Get your stinking paws off me, you damned dirty Ewok!”

    Our Pimp Rey’s Speeder contest continues to heat up, with over 70 entries now submitted, and builders demonstrating the same flair, imagination and downright weirdness that we enjoyed with last year’s Micro Fighter contest. Not surprisingly, movie and TV adaptations of this Star Wars speeder design seem to be popular, as you can see from the examples below. Get your entry in before December 5th for a chance to win!

    WALL-E-Speeder by smallestrobot

    You Will Ride Eternal, Shiny and Chrome by IamKritch

    Men in Brick’s Speeder by Priovit70

    NERDvember 2015: All your contest are belong to us

    For LEGO builders with a competitive streak November is a busy month, with the Colossal Castle, Vic Viper and our own Pimp Rey’s Speeder contests now in full swing. But if castles and spacecraft are not your cup of tea, you do have another option: NERDvember, brought to you by our pal Tommy Williamson over at the BrickNerd!

    Indonesian builder Kosmos Santosa tried to keep things classy with his interpretation of Vermeer’s Girl with the Pearl Earring. But then not surprisingly things got a bit Star Warsy, as you can see from this R2-N2 by Palixa And The Bricks and NERDcrawler by captainsmog:


    On second thoughts make that very Star Warsy. Behold, Jabba the Nerd by Gregory Coquelz

    Continue reading

    Delicious Designs from the Speeder Custom Body Shop

    The Speeder Custom Body Shop Kitchen is getting busy as our Pimp Rey’s Speeder Contest picks up speed. We welcome all interpretations, but these two delicious builds got our taste buds watering.

    First, straight from the freezer, is Koen’s ‘Ice Pop Speeder’. Koen was clearly concerned about Rey coping with the hot deserts of Jakku and pimped her a chilled ice pop complete with Ice Cream vendor… not sure how she will feel about him taking a quick bite first!

    Ice Pop Speeder

    Next comes the ‘Hot Dog Speeder’ dished up by JabberwokkaHot dogs are always a tasty fast food,  and this Hot Dog Speeder is served in a neat napkin with some condiments. Let’s see if he can mustard up the speed to ketchup with the other pimped Speeders!

    Hot Dog Speeder

    Pimp Rey’s Speeder Contest

    With the highly anticipated next chapter of the Star Wars saga almost upon us, we here at The Brothers Brick felt it’s time we had a Star Wars contest.

    Your job is to pimp out Rey’s Speeder.

    It’s all up to you to decide what would be coolest thing to impress Rey. Maybe give it a paint job? Add some chrome ? Maybe some spoilers? Racing stripes? The more creative the better!

    Pimp Reys Speeder Contest!
    You have until December 5th to get your entries in!

    1st Prize:

    2nd Prize:

    3rd Prize:

    Not sure how to start? Thankfully Priovit70 provided us with this wonderful example of a Pimped out Speeder:

    Pimp my speeder


    • No limit on number of Speeders you can enter.
    • No size restrictions.
    • No digital entries.
    • Must be new creations.
    • Entries should be posted in the TBB Pimp Rey’s Speeder Flickr Group.
    • Open to builders over the age of 18 worldwide.