Unless you’ve been hiding from the Empire on a remote desert planet for the past few decades, you’ll know that LEGO recently unveiled its massive new 75192 UCS Millennium Falcon set. But in the all the excitement you may have missed the fact that to celebrate this event, The Brothers Brick is currently holding a Millennium Falcon themed building contest!

Well, it’s time to add to that excitement: We are pleased to announce that LEGO has graciously donated a copy of the new UCS Falcon set as an additional prize in our contest. That’s right, you can now win* one of these monsters, rather than dipping into your kids’ college fund (again). All you need to do is wow us with an amazing Falcon-themed LEGO model or scene of your own creation!

Four winners will still each receive a super rare limited edition Escape the Space Slug set. But the 1st place winner will now receive a 75192 UCS Millennium Falcon, and the 2nd place winner will receive the smaller 75105 Star Wars Millennium Falcon.

We are also extending the competition deadline to Sunday, October 15th. That gives you a whole month from today to dream up something really special …so get building! Any style, scale or idea goes so long as it features the Falcon or something Falconesque, in whole or in part. For example, it might be a re-themed version of the Falcon, a movie crossover space battle, or even a mini-fig scene that takes place inside the ship. The more imaginative and original the better.

RULES FOR ENTERING: Contestants must be 18 years of age or older. Once you have built your entry, post a single photo of it to the contest Flickr group. Only one entry is accepted per person. All entries must be new builds, that have not been previously posted online. They must also be physical models — no digital renderings will be accepted. However, use of custom accessories and stickers is permitted. Entries must be submitted by October 15th to be considered for judging.

*Please note that the grand prize UCS set will be shipped directly from LEGO, who have stipulated that they cannot ship to addresses in China or PO boxes.

8 comments on “WIN A UCS MILLENNIUM FALCON! [Exciting News]

  1. Chris

    @gerhard: Entering other contests concurrent with this one is fine, as long as the creation is new and not, for example, made months ago.
    – TBB Senior Editor Chris

  2. Lukas

    Is it allowed to enter a NEWLY built model in to the another contest and then almost at the same time entering it in to this contest?

  3. Martin

    Unless I have my wires crossed, I thought you could not enter a build into more than one competition? If so, why is this exact build/photo/name/builder in the Lego Rebrick one? Are they the same competition? I’m confused! :){D9DDC962-F589-417F-AE7A-3F6807969D67}&a_id=620c01d3-8652-4e3f-be77-95150cf5a53c&sortEntry=false

  4. Andrew

    @RSL: The main purpose of the over-18 rule is to ensure we have parental permission to get shipping info for the prize, should the contestant win. So, if you’re entering the build on your child’s behalf, that seems reasonable.

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