Announcing winners of The Brothers Brick’s Millennium Falcon LEGO building contest [News]

The Brothers Brick’s LEGO Millennium Falcon building contest ran throughout the month of September, with more than 160 entries large and small. When we announced our contest, we had no idea that LEGO would be running a Falcon contest of their own, with the new 75192 UCS Millennium Falcon as their grand prize. However, LEGO kindly leveled the playing field between the two contests, and the First Place winner of TBB’s contest will also be receiving a UCS Falcon, courtesy our friends in Billund. Each of the four winners will also be receiving the super-rare “Escape the Space Slug” set.

In First Place, taking home the UCS Falcon, Josh Fowler built a large-scale Millennium Falcon interior that depicts the creatures from the Dejarik “holochess” game that Chewie played with Threepio, but with the game’s creatures playing with minifigs instead. All of the judges agreed that the creative inversion of roles, large scale, and excellent recreation of both the Falcon’s interior and the creatures themselves deserved our grand prize.

Reverse Holochess

We asked contestants to submit only one photo as their entry, but do be sure to peruse Josh’s photostream on Flickr for more close-up shots, like this one showing off the hilarious results of the game in progress.

Kintan Strider and Mantellian Savrip up close.

In Second Place, winning the current 75105 Millennium Falcon set from The Force Awakens (plus a space slug), city son used LEGO bricks to create what is essentially an Impressionist painting of the Millennium Falcon. We can only think of a handful of LEGO creations that use this technique to good effect, and this is certainly the best — we just can’t imagine transporting it to a show!

Millennium Falcon Painting

The first Runner-Up is the ingenious — dare I say sly? — “Millennium Fox” by Miro Dudas. Transforming the iconic shape of the Falcon into a recognizable creature is no mean feat, and Miro pulled it off beautifully.

Millennium Fox

The second Runner-Up is this mech built by Caleb Flutur. The industrial aesthetic of the Falcon lends itself well to a dieselpunk design, with a walking tank that instantly recalls its inspiration.

Falcon Mech

Congratulations to all of our winners! We’ll be contacting you to get your shipping information so we can send you your prizes.

While we don’t have prizes to give out to the builders of these next creations, we wanted to highlight a few of our other favorites as “honorable mentions” as well. These creations showcase the creativity of LEGO builders all over the world, and we thank every one of you who submitted entries to our contest!

“Miyazaki Falcon” aka “Totoro Transporter” by Jeffrey Kong

Artisan Bricks by Jeffrey Kong - LEGO Miyazaki Falcon aka Totoro Transporter - for Brothers Brick Millennium Falcon Contest

“Flying Castle-Black Falcon” by LEGO 7

Flying Castle-Black Falcon

“Yee-Haa!” by Andrew JN


“Falcon 1977” by Richard Jones

Falcon 1977

“Hide and Escape” by Qeet2k9

Hide and Escape

“Millennium Flyer” by Christopher Bellerose

Millennium Flyer

Finally, we want to make sure you take a close, second look at this creation by Howard Fullmer — it’s not a “rainbow warrior” of random bricks!

Shadow Falcon

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