The Cadillac of big trucks rolls into town

Nothing says man machine like a huge truck, and the thoroughbred stallions of the truckin’ world come from US brand Peterbilt.  Affectionately known as a “Pete”, these long haul trucks are often referred to as “The Cadillacs of big trucks”. Jarek Wally has built a LEGO model of a Peterbilt truck that is anything but pocket-sized — 61cm long, 15cm wide, 21cm high, and weighing in at nearly 3kg. The model contains 1 XL motor, 1 servo motor, 5 sets of lights, a few engraved bricks, and a whole lot of chrome. I’m going to stick my chick neck out here and say this is a 379. I’m sure some of you guys out there had posters of trucks like this hanging up in your teenage bedroom.


Sometimes still images alone aren’t enough to showcase the wondrous stature and manly muscle behind these trucks. Just as well Jarek has made a short movie to show off all the shiny details. Sit back and enjoy the ride…

2 comments on “The Cadillac of big trucks rolls into town

  1. Christian O'Brien

    OK I’ll bite, where do all the chrome pieces come from? Are they custom? Because the only chrome elements I can ever recall seeing was little swords and coins from Castle or Pirate sets.

  2. Elspeth De Montes Post author

    Hi Christian. The builder himself actually linked to the Bricklink store where he bough the chrome elements. While there are many actual chrome elements now produced by LEGO, many more of the ones in this particular build are custom. If you click the top image it will take you directly to the builder’s description on Flickr where you will find the Bricklink store link. Have fun spending your pennies!!

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