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LEGO Adventurers was a theme that LEGO first released in 1999 and discontinued in 2003. Starring explorers and archaeologists in far-flung locations like Egypt and Tibet, the theme had many similarities to the later licensed LEGO Indiana Jones theme. Thanks to its unique characters and comparative longevity for an original LEGO theme, the theme remains popular with LEGO builders to this day.

Tribal Trouble and a game called MOCtag

If you’re not a frequent visitor of MOCpages, then you’re missing out on a fun game called MOCtag invented by Shannon Young. Basically, a builder makes a creation to depict part of a story, then he tags another builder to continue the story with another creation. The game is currently in its fifth installment, with Mark Kelso presenting a humorous comic called Tribal Trouble.

Pippin Reed: 2084

Dennnis Coh is participating in the FBTB Forums R-Wing contest, but what caught my eye was his minifig pilot:

With a great brick-built weapon and excellent color coordination, Dennis’ version of Pippin Reed is smokin’ hot.

(Only after typing up the Technorati tags below did I notice just how much of a mashup this minifig is: With a name and head from Adventurers, built for a Star Wars contest, using an old Spyrius torso, Pippin makes an excellent Space minifig.)

Steampunk + Mecha = Even Sweeter!

I blogged Izzo’s ninja mecha a few days ago, but he’s continued posting new mecha since then. Here’s the latest, a steampunk mecha titled “Tin Machine,” driven by none other than the Adventurers theme’s archvillain, Sam Sinister: