A TARDIS console room fit for an adventurer

The ever popular television series Doctor Who has inspired many a LEGO TARDIS, including an official LEGO Ideas set. Wanting to go for something a little different, GunnBuilding has taken the TARDIS console room and re-imagined it in the LEGO Adventurers theme. As such, it is filled with plenty of historic artifacts collected on many an…adventure. This, coupled with the tiled floor and arch-laden tan wall, makes this model feel like IT BELONGS IN A MUSEUM! The camera and piles of books suggest someone has been busy and, if the hat hanging off the railing is any indication, that person is the one-and-only Johnny Thunder.

The Adventurer's Console Room

This model is a digital render and, as such, may include some pieces in non-production colors.

4 comments on “A TARDIS console room fit for an adventurer

  1. Scrubs

    @Edwin I will have to disagree with you and it looks like lots of people do as well. So do you mean that all CGI movies or movies including CGI (pretty much all movies) are not really movies?

  2. Matt Hocker Post author

    @Edwin While I understand that some people have a preference for physical builds over renders, I respectfully disagree with that sentiment. Not everyone has the luxury of having a massive collection or the ability to purchase lots of brick on a whim. Plus, the quality of digital renders has improved immensely over the years.

    In the antique & classic car community there is a huge rift between those interested in restoring cars to original condition and those who want to modify and/or turn their vehicle into a hot rod. Both sides share a love for cars but can’t look past the different ways they enjoy them.

    Digital builders may not be making models that go to conventions, but they are LEGO fans nonetheless. They are able to pull off some great work like this model and they deserve a platform to have their work shared and appreciated, just as much as someone who builds in physical bricks.

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