The real treasure was the LEGO pieces we collected along the way

Caleb Saw digs deep into LEGO lore with Johnny Thunder’s mansion which is filled with more treasure than you can believe. The complete scene is a roomy, comfortable construction filled with custom warm lighting and a literal treasure trove of LEGO mementos and easter eggs from the old Adventurers line and beyond.

Thunder's Mansion

If you want to kill some time, see if you can spot just a few of the precious things Johnny picked up over the years:

  • Jun-Chi
  • Tonto’s pocket watch
  • Fluffy’s flute
  • King Kahuka’s mask
  • Dagger of Time
  • Blackbeard’s sword
  • Shrunken head
  • Jack Sparrow’s compass
  • Indy’s fertility idol
  • Magic genie lamp
  • R-3PO’s head
  • Medal of Courage
  • At least 5 Infinity Stones (if you can find the orange Soul Stone, you are made of stronger stuff than me)

This list barely scratches the surface of LEGO historia — you’ll have a ton of fun searching every nook and cranny.

4 comments on “The real treasure was the LEGO pieces we collected along the way

  1. Mastermind

    Isn’t the orange stone on the shelf on the right ? above the glass panel.

  2. arselus

    Great build of Johnny’s mansion and awesome Flickr stream! Thanks for posting this article.

    Adventurers was a great original and quirky spin on the adventure / tomb raider / Indiana Jones theme. One of my favorite “classic” themes.

    I recently submitted an Adventurers project to LEGO Ideas, “Johnny Thunder Returns!”. Please check it out and support if you like it:

  3. Ryan Wood Post author

    @Mastermind, you are probably right. For some reason my mind saw that as some other gold piece and I disregarded it entirely. Egg on my face.

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