A 4×4 fit for an adventurer...and a puppy

Johnny Thunder would be proud of this epic ride from iamkritch. Named the Black Crow 4×4 (thanks to its special hood ornament), this off-road vehicle has just about everything you might need in traveling through the desert to an archaeological dig-site. The roof is covered in crates filled with useful tools, and there is even a fold-out awning to beat the heat on sunny summer days.

The Black Crow 4x4 02

And what would an adventure be without bringing man’s best friend along for the ride?

The Black Crow 4x4 01

The black, brown & gold color scheme of this Land Rover-like vehicle works well, giving off a rugged but classy-looking appearance. However, the gold trim makes me wonder if our little explorer is melting down priceless artifacts to customize his ride. If so, he had better watch out for Indiana Jones who is probably already hunting down his father’s missing shirt.

The Black Crow 4x4 03

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  1. Purple Dave

    It’s got actual fenders and side-by-side seating in minifig scale. I approve.

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