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Mr. Sande over the Lavender Islands

When LEGO released the 43181 Raya and the Heart Palace I knew it was only a matter of time until someone used the dome panel for a hot air balloon, mainly because the part had been released a year sooner in 41252 Poppy’s Hot Air Balloon Adventure as part of the balloon. Thanks to Ilya Zubashev the wait is over. The presentation of this creation is just sublime! The background matches with the colours of the base of the build and contrasts with the main focus of the creation. It makes me want to get over my fear of heights and hop into an air balloon to discover some undiscovered part of this big planet while watching the sunset from your own little basket.

Mr. Sande over the Lavender Islands

What a load of hot air

There are a lot of things up in the air right now, and one of the nicest is this Fiesta Balloon by Pete Strege. Excellent shaping combines with bright colors to really let your imagination soar. From a design standpoint, I like the exposed studs in the balloon itself. Translated to a real-world aircraft, those patterns would make an excellent LEGO print on a full-scale envelope. If you look closely, there’s a happy family in the basket, too. I love cheerful details like that.

Fiesta Balloon
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Float away from Sam Sinister in this adventurously colorful hot air balloon.

From 1998 through 2003, the LEGO Group’s Adventurer’s theme offered kids an exciting play-theme that also introduced some great new colors and parts. Orient Expedition was the final subtheme in the series, and it gave us a yeti, elephants, and even an anthropomorphic tiger. German fan site Rogue Bricks recently ran a contest based on re-imagining the Orient Expedition subtheme, which resulted in this excellent collaboration between builders Markus Rollb├╝hler and Grant Davis. Markus built the colorful hot air balloon, while Grant created the biplane piloted by none other than the villainous Sam Sinister!

The Race to Mount Everest

Markus’ hot air balloon pays homage to set 7415, Aero Nomad, right down to its inclusion of Johnny Thunder and Dr. Kilroy. It is downright gorgeous to look at, and I especially love the way Markus used a mixture of curved slopes, dishes, tiles, and Technic parts to create the rounded shape of the balloon. The use of hot dog and turban pin elements for the balloon’s ornamentation is also particularly inspiring. To finish things off, the rendered background does a great job of bringing the entire scene to life!

LEGO Balloon from Wizard of Oz is full of hot air

Dave Kaleta (davekaleta) has been working on this beauty for quite some time in preparation for a collaborative display at BrickWorld. It is a very elegant piece of work. The sleekness of the balloon and the integration of the words into the structure of the envelope are both awesome. I want one of these hanging from the ceiling in my LEGO room!

Oz's Balloon

An incredible hot air balloon

Karwik (Noddy) took a sharp turn in his noggin and built this amazing hot air balloon model using 100% LEGO products. While I see that rubber bands from LEGO sets were used to secure the string pieces, I have no idea where that transparent ball with the LEGO logo came from. Nevertheless, it’s amazing and I love every bit of it.