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Airships over Antarctica: The Battle for Flat Earth

That title; I’m just gonna leave it right there and see what happens. Actually it comes from LEGO builder Pete Strege. Anyone who is anyone knows that if climate change is real, Antartica would melt off the edge of the Earth and drown the rest of the world, presumably on the other side of the globe…er, I mean disk. That is why it is so important that the denizens of Antarctica protect it with all their might. Here we see a massive polar bear balloon piloted by penguins, penguin blimps piloted by polar bears and a squadron penguin-piloted plains worthy of an old-timey “buy war bonds” film. There’s a lot to love here. This creation acts as a reminder that no matter what shape the Earth happens to be, it is worth protecting because it’s the only planet we have.

Airships over Antarctica: The Battle for Flat Earth

Taking stargazing to the next level

Free from light pollution and smog, this observation deck would be perfect for spotting a planetary conjunction. But there’s certainly a greater spectacle in this vibrant LEGO creation. The Galaxy Cliff Lighthouse by Pete Strege offers an incredible, up-close view of a spiraling galaxy. This Ferris-wheel-like galaxy is motorized, which is quite an engineering feat for its unique shape and scale. Its free-standing tail overarches the entire model, making this build an event of a lifetime.

Galaxy Cliff Lighthouse

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What a load of hot air

There are a lot of things up in the air right now, and one of the nicest is this Fiesta Balloon by Pete Strege. Excellent shaping combines with bright colors to really let your imagination soar. From a design standpoint, I like the exposed studs in the balloon itself. Translated to a real-world aircraft, those patterns would make an excellent LEGO print on a full-scale envelope. If you look closely, there’s a happy family in the basket, too. I love cheerful details like that.

Fiesta Balloon
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What goes on under the dome of The Apple Square Research Center?

Builder Pete Strege brings us an architectural marvel with his latest building, The Apple Square Research Center. Lately, I find myself enamored with architectural builds, and this one ranks amongst the best that I’ve seen. I’ve spent a considerable amount of time looking at it and still find new things to be inspired by.

There are many standouts to this model but the overall shape, color scheme, and that gorgeous dome are the aspects that leap out first. The triangular shape of the building itself is a difficult task but the builder meets the challenge admirably. The arched window above the door is beautiful and shows another example of mastery over complicated shapes. The color scheme is rich and detailed, utilizing a limited palette to create a cohesive look without devolving into a mess. The combination of the various brown tones on the building with the dark red and gold accents really shows off the beautiful earth blue and black roof.

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Fabulous Fabuland friends take Billy Goat’s Steamboat for a ride

Fabuland holds a beautiful place of reminisce for me and somehow Pete Strege seems to have encompassed that feeling in an incredible new LEGO creation. Billy Goat’s Steamboat is an incredible display of fine colour choice, confined motorisation and great shaping without compromising stability. The dark blue of the cabin walls and hull are framed nicely with white, while the rest of the colour wheel comes to life with a combination of dark azure and yellow. Though please don’t be fooled, take a closer look. Weaved throughout the yellow are trace amounts of bright light orange, which adds some real warmth to the model, as subtle as it may be. There is also a sublime amount of blue pinstriping, which tops off the build high up, with two blue half barrel containers.

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