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Airships over Antarctica: The Battle for Flat Earth

That title; I’m just gonna leave it right there and see what happens. Actually it comes from LEGO builder Pete Strege. Anyone who is anyone knows that if climate change is real, Antartica would melt off the edge of the Earth and drown the rest of the world, presumably on the other side of the globe…er, I mean disk. That is why it is so important that the denizens of Antarctica protect it with all their might. Here we see a massive polar bear balloon piloted by penguins, penguin blimps piloted by polar bears and a squadron penguin-piloted plains worthy of an old-timey “buy war bonds” film. There’s a lot to love here. This creation acts as a reminder that no matter what shape the Earth happens to be, it is worth protecting because it’s the only planet we have.

Airships over Antarctica: The Battle for Flat Earth

We have proof that the earth is as flat as a LEGO baseplate

If it’s on the internets, it must be real. Thus, by Laws of Cyberspace, I decree that there is sufficient evidence to prove that the earth is flat. LEGO Certified Professional Ryan McNaught collaborated with Centuri Chan to turn this conspiracy into reality by building a scaled-down Flat Earth. However, just proving the earth flat is not enough — all fakery perpetrated on the sheep-like masses by Them must be debunked! So Ryan and Centuri toiled away (probably wearing the necessary tin-foil headgear) to reveal the truth behind key moments in our history. The truth is out there, and it may keep you up at night — just be careful where you walk barefoot in the dark!

Some of the real-life moments captured with LEGO bricks include a behind-the-scenes view into the making of the movies purportedly about men landing on the moon, which of course was filmed in a Hollywood back lot. Lots of coffee and croissants were needed to energise the hard-working crew. We must never forget.

Let the scales drop from your eyes to see more truth as revealed in LEGO bricks