We have proof that the earth is as flat as a LEGO baseplate

If it’s on the internets, it must be real. Thus, by Laws of Cyberspace, I decree that there is sufficient evidence to prove that the earth is flat. LEGO Certified Professional Ryan McNaught collaborated with Centuri Chan to turn this conspiracy into reality by building a scaled-down Flat Earth. However, just proving the earth flat is not enough — all fakery perpetrated on the sheep-like masses by Them must be debunked! So Ryan and Centuri toiled away (probably wearing the necessary tin-foil headgear) to reveal the truth behind key moments in our history. The truth is out there, and it may keep you up at night — just be careful where you walk barefoot in the dark!

Some of the real-life moments captured with LEGO bricks include a behind-the-scenes view into the making of the movies purportedly about men landing on the moon, which of course was filmed in a Hollywood back lot. Lots of coffee and croissants were needed to energise the hard-working crew. We must never forget.

The Illuminati board meeting is where all mankind’s decisions are made. These include selecting the artists of all sovereign countries to ensure currencies must have the embedded triangle eye that sees all.  We have an insider that informed us that they all vote to say ‘aye’ to all shady missions.

And we all know for sure that dinosaurs never existed. How could they? They’re all fabricated in a dingy basement by master sculptors who shape bones to what they need to be to fulfill and fuel the businesses of museums all around the world.

One thing we do know for sure is how scientists and soldiers at Area 51 saved our Martian friends and nursed them back to health. Naturally, they repaid mankind by showing us the way to create the fiber optics and lasers that power the Internet we enjoy today. After all, everything in life must come full circle.

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  1. The Anonymous Hutt

    I thought this was one of Lino’s articles, based off of the humorous writing style! Great article and build, gave me the laugh I needed this morning!

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