What goes on under the dome of The Apple Square Research Center?

Builder Pete Strege brings us an architectural marvel with his latest building, The Apple Square Research Center. Lately, I find myself enamored with architectural builds, and this one ranks amongst the best that I’ve seen. I’ve spent a considerable amount of time looking at it and still find new things to be inspired by.

There are many standouts to this model but the overall shape, color scheme, and that gorgeous dome are the aspects that leap out first. The triangular shape of the building itself is a difficult task but the builder meets the challenge admirably. The arched window above the door is beautiful and shows another example of mastery over complicated shapes. The color scheme is rich and detailed, utilizing a limited palette to create a cohesive look without devolving into a mess. The combination of the various brown tones on the building with the dark red and gold accents really shows off the beautiful earth blue and black roof.

The decorative dome at the top of the building is clearly the star of the show here. An incredible amount of attention and hard work went into the making of this complex architectural creation. The combination of Technic and geometric math used to create the core is astounding and really begs for close up examination. Thankfully, Pete has provided us with this excellent shot of the internal structure.

Not only is the understructure a work of art on its own, it is then covered with a gorgeous facade that finishes off the entire building with flair. I doff my hat and give a deep bow to Mr. Strege for this beautiful and extremely inspirational build.

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