Taking stargazing to the next level

Free from light pollution and smog, this observation deck would be perfect for spotting a planetary conjunction. But there’s certainly a greater spectacle in this vibrant LEGO creation. The Galaxy Cliff Lighthouse by Pete Strege offers an incredible, up-close view of a spiraling galaxy. This Ferris-wheel-like galaxy is motorized, which is quite an engineering feat for its unique shape and scale. Its free-standing tail overarches the entire model, making this build an event of a lifetime.

Galaxy Cliff Lighthouse

In all of its blue and gold glory, the entire model is made of 26,400 pieces with a footprint of 128 square studs. According to Pete, the Galaxy Cliff Lighthouse is an autobiographical creation that he started planning in January of last year. It’s amazing to see this galaxy in action.

Galaxy Cliff Lighthouse

With the technical contraption is removed, you can see the wonderful execution of this dramatic, wave-like cliff. There’s some tight structural engineering going on with what seems like a tremendous amount of wedge plates and macaroni bricks. The lighthouse itself is also beautiful with silver and azure paneling.

Galaxy Cliff Lighthouse

We’re no stranger to Pete’s intricate and large-scale creations– he’s also built this spectacular hot air balloon using a Technic framework and an array of colors.

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