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Alexander Alekseev is an active member of the Russian LUG since 2007. Linguist by education, he believes that LEGO pieces are the most effective mean of self-expression and communication between people.

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Hey, what’s the drill?

MFS-012 Drillmaster by Japanese builder Moko is a trailblazing building experiment involving some fiery orange pieces along with a handful of shiny chrome silver Rock Raiders drills. It’s hard to imagine the purpose of so many drills on the mech’s back, but who cares? The result is dazzling.

MFS-012 Drillmaster

Moko’s even included some battle shots of the mech drilling down to business.

MFS-012 Drillmaster

LEGO Ninjago 70620 NINJAGO City set revealed [News]

While LEGO Ninjago fans are still busy eyeing the freshly published pictures of the upcoming sets meticulously planning expenses for the rest of the year, it’s hard to imagine a better moment for one of the hugest announcements of the year: jaw-dropping 70620 NINJGAGO City. This newly revealed set contains 4,867 pieces; while price isn’t confirmed, we believe it will retail for somewhere near USD $299. The set contains 16 minifigures, including some of your favorite ninjas along with citizens of NINJAGO city. No release date is available yet, but we’ll be sure to let you know!

LEGO has now confirmed the set will retail for $299 in the USA, and £259.99 in the UK, and will be available beginning September 1. Early access to VIP members is likely mid-August.

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The LEGO Ninjago Movie box images now available [News]

It’s more than 3 months till the premiere of The Lego Ninjago Movie, but the we’ve already begun to get a glimpse of the sets. Today, the official product images of the boxes are avaliable online, so we can have a clear view of what we’ll be hauling this fall. It’s hard to hide the excitement, as judging by the first look the new sets have lots of Exo-Force and Orient Expedition vibes, themes many fans miss. The rumor has it at least three more sets are to be released this Fall, so stay tuned for more news during the following weeks.

70615 Fire Mech, 944 pcs

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And I think to myself, what a wonderful build!

BrickHeadz is a genre determined by some strict guidelines. However Krzysztof J does an awesome job of building beyond any rules. A ridiculously huge and funny trumpet and a wide glowing smile are what making a little figurine of Louis Armstrong instantly recognizable. Bonus points for such a smart one-piece classic bowtie.

Louis Armstrong 2

LEGO Batman Movie 70913 Scarecrow Fearful Face-off [Review]

It’s been months since The LEGO Batman Movie hit screens to become one of the best pictures of the year. But the party isn’t over — five more LEGO sets are just out, bringing some of Batman’s most loveable enemies. The Brothers Brick has already covered the summer wave’s flagship, 70917 The Ultimate Batmobile, but the smaller boxes still hold some surprises. 70913 Scarecrow Fearful Face-off has 141 pieces, making it the third-smallest box among the LEGO Batman Movie sets, but its retail price of $14.99 makes it a perfect choice for Bat-fans looking to add to their collection.

70913 Scarecrow Fearful Face-off

It’s not the first time Batman has met Scarecrow in this line. In 70910 Scarecrow Special Delivery the villain tried to break into the Gotham energy plant disguised as a pizza delivery driver. This time the bad guy shows up piloting a helipcopter and bombarding the facility with fear gas bombs.

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Summer 2017 LEGO City sets revealed [News]

Several months ago we’ve got the very first look at the summer City sets at New York Tor Fair 2017. Now, with the official product pictures published online we can finally get ready for new adventures in the jungle, at sea, and on at the beach.

60162 Jungle Air Drop Helicopter, piece count and price to be announced later

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The forecast for tonight: A storm of creativity

Recovering from an exhausting round of Iron Builder may require some special treatment, but Eero Okkonen is doing just fine. His latest female character Cielan, a Goddess of weather, reminds me of his memorable Four Seasons series, but features some really bold building solutions. For instance, a massive chain of rainbow colors on Cielan’s back is made from over a dozen Bionicle Vahki crests.


A motorbike in emerald green is worth two in any other color

French builder Vince Toulouse has invented a Victorian era motorcycle using dark green elements from the legendary 10194 Emerald Night train set. But there is no better way to personalize a model than with a couple of bold touches. This time these are a pair of the biggest Technic shock absorbers, which still cannot drag all the attention from a masterfully devised and executed grill on the front of the bike’s body, made with a dozen golden 1×1 rings.


LEGO Star Wars summer 2017 wave official set images [News]

Finally, official images of the complete LEGO Star Wars line-up for the upcoming summer wave are available. We brought you the first look at these sets in person at Toy Fair New York back in February. The sets will illustrate a great number of scenes and spacecraft from Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens, The Freemaker Adventures TV Series, Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith and even Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi featuring the highly anticipated buildable figure of a scout trooper on a large-scale speeder bike. The sets should be available in June. Here’s the full list of sets published:

75180 Rathtar Escape, 836 pcs, $79.99

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TBB Weekly Brick Report: LEGO news roundup for May 6, 2017 [News]

The start of the month of May was pretty busy here at The Brothers Brick with the celebration of May 4th (aka Star Wars Day) and some other great announcements. We don’t want you to miss any of the world’s greatest LEGO models, news and building contests, so here’s your weekly Brick Report for the first week of May, 2017.

Star Wars Celebration 2017 Exclusive set: Detention Block Rescue

TBB NEWS, REVIEWS & INSTRUCTIONS: This week we are excited to see a new UCS Star Wars set become available in LEGO stores, along with some pleasant deals on sets.

OTHER LEGO NEWS: Besides a couple of noticeable pieces of news, this week was pretty uneventful in the LEGO themed part of the web.

  • Cars 3: LEGO does Lightning McQueen and crew in new sets, Yahoo Movies — An exclusive look at the new LEGO Juniors sets available in May.
  • Cassini: The grand finale — No historic event goes unnoticed by LEGO fans, and the conclusion of the Cassini spacecraft mission is no exception. Don’t miss this beautiful brick-built tribute to the seven year journey to the distant world of Saturn and its rings, built by a reader from Chile.

They’re good builds, Brent

Let’s face facts: cats no longer rule the Internet. Nowadays the web belongs to the man’s best friend, dogs. And Korean builder Amida Na presents us with this digitally constructed pack of LEGO woofers big enough that anybody can find the perfect companion. Personally, I would totally go with the goofy Samoyed, whose tail is incredibly fluffy despite being built with just a handful of inverted slopes and plates.

9 Dogs

Audi R8 is the car of the future that is here today

Each top-notch sports car has its own unique face and design, and while some of them are timeless, others are way ahead of their time. For instance, such a gem as the Audi R8 won’t look obsolete even in the year 2117. Marius Herrmann masterfully captures the shapes of the vehicle in a scale slightly smaller than a regular minifigure. And thanks to the new 1×2 curved slopes Marius created an amazingly smooth front part of the car’s body, which in my opinion is the best part of the model. Crowned with a tiny Audi logo, this little beauty is as charming as any other huge detailed copy of a car.

Audi R8 "Star of Lucis" (from "Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV")