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Nick Jensen, also known as Nick Brick, plays games almost as much as he builds LEGO. He's probably most well known for replicating gaming weapons and equipment at 1:1 scale. He is a member of ChiLUG and attends Brickworld Chicago every year. You can follow his LEGO work on Flickr, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.

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Build up and break down a LEGO Overwatch Torbjörn’s turret

LEGO gaming builder ZaziNombies adds to his brick built arsenal of Overwatch weapons with defense hero Torbjörn’s level 2 turret and repair hammer. Smooth shaping on the red paneling throughout and gun barrels match the game’s aesthetic well. See an overview of ZaziNombies’s LEGO turret and hammer, as well as a discussion of the build process, in the video below.

It’s dangerous to go alone – take bricks

Hyrulean creatures and tufts of grass will prove no match for Julius von Brunk’s cleverly-built LEGO version of Young Link from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Thee construction of the Deku Shield and Link’s facial expression are particularly good. A cute and instantly recognisable model.

Kid Link

36,000-piece Ferrari Dealership showcases beautiful LEGO dream cars

Four years of building and gathering parts led to an incredible showroom of LEGO Ferrari models by Ryan Link. The build uses over 36,000 parts: 23,000 parts form the building with a 5,000-piece transporter; finally, eight Ferrari models (including the official Ferrari F40 set) adding another 8,000 parts.

Ferrari Dealership

The dealership interior is well lit by LEDs and built in exquisite detail, with excellent brick-built Ferrari lettering and graphics lining the walls. Of course, this is all to house and showcase the intricate custom built supercars.

Ferrari Dealership

Ferrari Dealership

Be sure to check out more photos of each of Ryan’s Ferrari models individually on Flickr.

MEKA activated! Build your own LEGO Overwatch D.Va Mech [Instructions]

One of my most played heroes in Overwatch is tank hero D.Va. I thought her mech was an interesting enough design to build, so I built it in late 2016 using the legendary B.Va skin and Stormbringer’s LEGO D.Va mech as inspiration. Today, I share a building guide for viewers to construct their own MEKA. View the parts list (299 in total), then follow the video below and call in your own Korean mobile exoskeleton.

D.Va - B.Va skin - Overwatch

Summer 2017 Thor: Ragnarok LEGO sets revealed [News]

We’re getting our first high-quality look at two LEGO sets from Marvel’s Thor: Ragnarok. We don’t yet have information regarding price, part counts, or exact release dates of these sets, but we’ll be sure to bring you that info as soon as it’s available.

76084 The Ultimate Battle for Asgard

76088 Thor vs. Hulk: Arena Clash


Toa Hahli, Angel of the Oceans

The angelic Toa Hahli was always a popular LEGO Bionicle character. This fantastic revamp from Anthony Wilson is sure to give fans a nostalgic glow. I particularly like the use of sword and panel pieces in the creation of the wings, and the transformation of the original set’s six-shooter into an elegant bow.

Hahli, Angel of the Oceans

No, Groot, that’s the button that will kill everyone!

If you haven’t seen Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 yet, this adorable LEGO Baby Groot by Markus Rollbühler should help get you hyped up for it. The use of ball joints as the eyes was a smart choice, making this version almost as cute as the original. And don’t miss the spot-on recreation of Rocket’s explosive device — very nicely done.

I am Groot!

Uphold the mission with LEGO Titanfall 2 BT-7274, Legion, and Tone

Marius Herrmann has built several excellent LEGO Titans from Titanfall 2, including Ion and Northstar, along with Ronin. Now, he shows some love for the campaign’s protagonist, the lovable Marauder Corps death machine that is BT-7274. BT’s lightweight frame was captured accurately using orange, white, and custom spraypainted military green bricks. His model is detailed down to an array of individual rockets ready to fire from the shoulder-mounted missile pods.

BT-7274 (from "Titanfall 2")

See more LEGO Titanfall mechs

Wiffy 2k17 is a true next gen mecha

Builder FLAVIO continues his “Wiffy” series (years in the making) with one such robot fitted with twin rotors. His mech is full of brilliant parts usage, color blocking, and unique design choices; I don’t even know where to begin noting my favorite parts. What I can say is FLAVIO’s mech is one of the finest examples of mech building I’ve seen in a while.


Begun, the LEGO Clone War has

KW_Vauban captured the Geonosian Petranaki Arena scene from Attack of the Clones rather well with LEGO bricks. The builder’s use of dark orange bricks on detailed and accurately constructed Geonosian architecture was a smart choice. In particular, I like the construction of the main gate with the CIS overlook above.

Geonosis - Petranaki Arena

Dozens of Geonosians line the arena, while Battle Droids and Jedi fight below.

Both gates 01

Click to see more of the Geonosian Arena

Palutena’s Heavenly Light shines upon thee

Eero Okkonen showcases his excellence in LEGO character building once again with his build of the goddess Palutena of the Kid Icarus and Super Smash Bros series. Eero first constructed Palutena back in 2015 but his new version is quite a beautiful improvement on a great build. The flow to her green hair and variety of gold embellishments are eye-catching.


12-foot-long LEGO Golden Gate Bridge is realistically suspended

Microscale architecture builder Rocco Buttliere has achieved a remarkable feat of LEGO engineering with his 40,000+ piece model of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California. Like the actual suspension bridge spanning the Golden Gate strait, Rocco’s beautiful and highly detailed LEGO rendition crosses its 6 foot long central span suspended by a combination of red string, Technic bushings, LEGO flexible hoses, and non-LEGO metal wire.

Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge

Rocco’s LEGO model even includes the buildings and landscaping of the Presidio in Golden Gate Park.

Golden Gate Bridge

See more photos of Rocco’s incredible LEGO Golden Gate Bridge on Flickr.