Score Internet points on a dull life

Framed in just the right way, any life can seem interesting on social media, as shown in a LEGO scene by Arnaud B. The build and shot are quite clever in this artistic social commentary, with the phone frame hiding the seams between grayscale “real life” and full color “Instagram-filtered life” perfectly.

Selfie Life

1 comment on “Score Internet points on a dull life

  1. Pink Pete

    ‘grayscale “real life”’

    Not quite. Note the palm tree to the left. Also, I would have used a 1×2 brick for the neck as opposed to the builder’s choice of a 1×2 log. The subject matter takes me back to the late 80s, when my dear Franco and I would exchange letters and accompanying polaroids depicting our daily lives via mail. I aimed to depict a life of luxury and extravagance while the harsh reality of my situation contrasted greatly: eating cold soup on a daily basis and living in my parents’ basement.

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