This vast LEGO space diorama is filled with amazing details and animated features

Sprawling across multiple base plates, this staggering LEGO sci-fi display is the brainchild of builder Marco den Besten. Taking inspiration from the Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun video game franchise, it depicts a bustling military complex and its numerous support vehicles, mech suits and space fighters. The glistening yellow, white and grey colour scheme, borrowed from a Nexo Knight shield, gives it a crisp and clean futuristic feel.

GDI(Gryphon Deepspace Initiative)

The large woodlouse-like Harvester 2 rovers are great models in their own right, doubling curved elements to create their distinctive shells.

Harvester 2

There are many more highlights to be seen, including several animated components. These allow the row of spaceships to be raised to launch trajectory and the base’s radar dish to spin.