LEGO Overwatch sets coming, Activision Blizzard announces [News]

Today at the Licensing Expo 2018 in Las Vegas, Activision Blizzard has announced they’ve reached a licensing agreement with LEGO for the blockbuster game Overwatch, according to Business Wire. Overwatch is a first-person shooter with a loose sci-fi setting, breaking new territory for LEGO in their licensing agreements, as they’ve traditionally steered clear of such properties. The announcement comes amidst a slew of other new license partners for Activision Blizzard, including UNIQLO, Nerf, and more.

There’s no word yet on specifically what sorts of sets we’ll see from LEGO, but with LEGO’s theme-crossing video game Dimensions finished, it’s certain this won’t simply be a small tie-in expansion pack. We hope they’ll be as cool as this yellow D.Va mech by TBB’s own Nick Jensen. And if you can’t wait to buy some official Overwatch sets, Nick has provided instructions for this mech in the link above.

10 comments on “LEGO Overwatch sets coming, Activision Blizzard announces [News]

  1. Darren Burgfeld

    @Joshua, Megablox did WoW sets several years back, before the CoD and Halo stuff they did. I have a couple.

  2. JoffToThis

    Eventually The Lego Group will be nothing but other people’s ideas, store full of licensed crap and zero of their own products.

  3. GJBricks

    Agree total JoffToThis. Franchises are a short term fix surely – Star Wars excepted. Bring back the days of LEGO Space, epic train stuff and heaps of city sets! And the Duplo slippers. I feel that’s important to hook younger kids!

  4. Modyroc

    I believe The Lego company does a great job of incorporating licensed, proprietary, and fan made creations in their catalogue. The newer licensed stuff might not apply to us older crowd, but I do not believe that is Lego’ s intention.

  5. Havoc


    What kind of Legos were you playing with when you were young? As far back as I can remember they were always fire trucks or ambulances and shit… the sets were never creative. What you decide to make with your lego sets is where the creativity comes from. Lego as a company is doing exactly what they should by releasing these themed sets.

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