MEKA activated! Build your own LEGO Overwatch D.Va Mech [Instructions]

One of my most played heroes in Overwatch is tank hero D.Va. I thought her mech was an interesting enough design to build, so I built it in late 2016 using the legendary B.Va skin and Stormbringer’s LEGO D.Va mech as inspiration. Today, I share a building guide for viewers to construct their own MEKA. View the parts list (299 in total), then follow the video below and call in your own Korean mobile exoskeleton.

D.Va - B.Va skin - Overwatch

4 comments on “MEKA activated! Build your own LEGO Overwatch D.Va Mech [Instructions]

  1. zilham

    This is awesome! I’m having trouble finding some of the parts though. What site did you use to track these down?

  2. Elspeth De Montes

    zilham, the parts list has the official LEGO names, if you search for these official names on in the search bar (top right, drop down menu set to PARTS) then it will allow you to see the part number and even a link to Bricklink. Hope that helps.

  3. Justin

    Any way to link a fully loaded cart so its just a checkout click and done? What is the approximate cost of all the bricks?

    Thank you for sharing this!

  4. Elspeth De Montes

    Justin, you need to get yourself a minion or a butler buddy :-) Half the fun is sourcing the bricks, check your own collection first and then add the remaining parts to a wish list in Bricklink – that’s probably the fastest way.

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