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I'm all the way down in a little country called South Africa. There's no lions roaming the streets, unfortunately, but there is everyone's favourite plastic brick.   I don't have a lot of my own work online (yet), but I've been following The Brother Brick for around eight years, so it's bizarre that I'm going to be writing for it.   My day job is journalism covering the maker movement for htxt.africa. And yes, I do occasionally sneak stories of Lego onto the site.   Follow my ramblings, LEGO and otherwise: Twitter: @Clint_Matos | Instagram: @clinton_matos

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Going stair crazy

Karf Oohlu has produced an absolutely wonderful little scene, which could easily be a piece of art. This microscale diorama of grey stairs reminds me a lot of Hera’s Garden in God of War 3. It’s a rather simple build with the 1×1 plates with two studs serving as the basis for the stairs, and some nice touches such as the Exo-Force hair pieces for the tree.

Going Stair Crazy

Is it still a bike if it has four wheels?

In the past we’ve featured tiny motorcyles made with a handful of pieces, so let’s take a look at something bigger. This model of the odd Lazareth LM 847 bike by ianying616 is created with mostly Technic pieces. Comparing it to the original, the builder has done a spot-on job — this could be mistaken for a picture of the real thing from a distance. All of it is good, but I’m a sucker for that engine detail and the tubing.


Your steampunk stagecoach awaits

Dwalin Forkbeard continues his line of LEGO Steampunk builds and floating vehicles with this odd stagecoach. Gone are the wheels, replaced with a hot-air balloon to keep it afloat — creating a really interesting little build. The simple base serves to make the whole thing more substantive, and there’s some minimal Photoshop trickery to make it look like the coach is flying. I particularly like the use of the gold sprue section as a door handle — most people throw that part away once they’ve snapped the Ninjago shuriken pieces off it!

Steampunk Stagecoach

Made entirely out of LEGO, no bull!

Fantastical creatures are a regular feature here on The Brothers Brick, but sometimes builds of real animals are just as impressive. This small bull by LEGO 7 definitely falls into that category, managing to pack in a lot of detail at a relatively small scale. It looks so much better than the large single moulds LEGO usually does for its “official” animals. Greats parts usage too with the angled slope for the huge leg muscle and printed 1×1 round tiles for the eyes.

Bull Attack!

LEGO Corvette Stingray takes you back to the 60’s

I don’t think many people would disagree with me if I said that the original Corvette Stingray is one of the most beautiful cars ever created. It’s a huge undertaking for a builder to try and replicate it, but luckily Dave Slater is up to the job. This red 1963 Corvette Stingray is just about perfect. Look at those lines!

1963 Sting Ray Corvette

The superb shaping is obviously the most impressive part of the build, but zoom in and you’ll find more fine details. Shutter pieces used for the hood vents, the long rubber pointed piece completing the stripe down the middle, and the obscure roof pieces used for that iconic split window back are all used to great effect.

1963 Sting Ray Corvette

This also isn’t the first Stingray this builder has built, it’s the third! We’ve featured his yellow Z51 already, and there’s also his blue 427 that we never got the chance to show off. Here’s a group shot of the trio:

1963 Sting Ray Corvette

We’re gonna need a bigger axe

Aaron Newman is continuing the long tradition of turning characters and creatures from Warhammer and 40K into LEGO builds. The creature getting the treatment today is the bird-like Lord of Change. There’s a lot to like here, but the small details that make up the avian face as well as the small gold details dotted around the build do it for me.

Sarthorael, Lord of Change

Building a bike on a budget

I’m a sucker for builds with low parts counts and clever parts usage, and they don’t come better than this bike by Brian Kescenovitz. It won’t pay to get into each clever use of a part, because almost every brick that went into this is placed in an ingenious manner. However, the use of the Exo-Force leg for the fuel tank and the bad robot arm for the underside of the frame stand out among the rest as examples of perfect placement.

Naked Bike

No less impressive are Brian’s other tiny bikes, a flowing white touring bike and a streamlined red racer.

DresserRetro Bonneville Streamliner

Locate this Witcher medallion in your LEGO collection

Jonas Kramm has graced our site much in recent months as his participation in the Iron Builder contest led him to build numerous popular and incredible models like the Green Sitting Room and Aladdin’s magic carpet. But now he’s back with something else entirely: a Witcher medallion. The wolf head necklace is perhaps the most recognizable icon of the series, and it’s remade almost perfectly here, sized just right for LEGO Witcher cosplay.
Wild Hunt Medallion - The Witcher 3

This Bugatti Veyron gives the Speed Champions line a run for its money

After conquering the worlds of Titanfall and Horizon Zero Dawn,  Marius Herrmann is back to tackle LEGO cars. Bugatti Veyron borrows a lot from the LEGO Speed Champions line, including the windscreen, grille sticker and the new smaller slope pieces. This build’s base design comes from Herrmann’s Audi R8 we highlighted a few weeks ago.
Bugatti Veyron 16.4

Chateau Reloaded

Even if you hate the later Matrix movies, maybe you can acknowledge their existence for at least a moment to admire this fantastic LEGO build of the the chateau scene from the second movie. Letranger Absurde puts together some impressive architecture work with a striking curved staircase design. While the model may not be 100% accurate to the scene it’s still a great looker. Well, at least until the minifig Neo destroys most of it.

Matrix Reloaded - Chateau

A tranquil street about to be Transformed

Alex Jones has packed a lot of great LEGO building into this single creation with several Transformers against a city street backdrop. Sure, it looks peaceful now, but you know it’s all about to kick-off. Optimus Prime is nicely done, but the eye is quickly drawn to Bumblebee in Camaro form and the brightly-coloured Devastator. I believe this is based on the game Transformers: Devastation where a similar setting sees you battling Devastator.

Heel Transformers

Arcade classic Bubble Bobble in perfect LEGO form

The Arvo Brothers are best known for their amazing builds, including iconic Alien characters and Kaneda’s bike. But things have taken a turn for the cute now, with Bub and Bob from the classic game Bubble Bobble. The two bubble dragons are small, making their flawless design and naturally bulbous shape even more impressive. These are packed with amazing details and excellent part usage, like the car hood used to shape the head, and the ridge down the dragons’ backs. The bubbles being LEGO too is just icing on the cake.

Bub & Bob

These designs are significantly updated from the versions that the Arvo Brothers built ten years ago, thanks to all the new colors and parts that LEGO has introduced since then. Good news is that the Brothers will be posting buildings instructions for these models soon, so keep an eye out!