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New prototypes from Brickarms – the real deal!

At the BrickFest convention last weekend, BrickArms announces a new batch of prototypes of anticipated custom minifigure weapons and accessories. This is no joke, because what you see in the photos from The Enigma that is Badger and Ranger of Awesomeness are all real.

(Above): minigun
(Below): buildable ammo chain and MG42 and PPSh

(Below): Buzzgun and Flame gun

For more pictures and more prototypes, check them out here and here!

April Fools: Wussup guyz! Elite Clone Master Chief Timmy is in da house!

i’m new to bros bricks and i can’t wait to start blogging all the kewl things that people just like me can build. I think its good to show all the star wars and halo creations from mocpages. i’ve ben on mocpages for almost a yr. Check out Scorp‘s halo 3 capture the flag. I like Nannan Z‘s halo final run scene as well, both are awesome in my opinien

April Fools: Please welcome Elite Clone Master Chief Timmy!

Even though LEGO Star Wars is our most popular category, we really don’t blog enough LEGO creations inspired by the glorious prequel trilogy or animated Clone Wars series. Similarly, I’m not satisfied with the number of LEGO Halo creations our current contributors blog. To fix that gap in our coverage of the LEGO fan community, I’m pleased to announce that Elite Clone Master Chief Timmy will be joining The Brothers Brick as a contributor!

LEGO Clone TrooperHere’s Timmy in his own words:

i <3 clone wars and commander rex is my favorite clone but commander cody is pertty cool to. the 1st LSW wuz okay i liked how U could brake things into teh difrent legos but Halos bettre cos Master Chief is awsome!!!1!!!1!!!! my mom dosnt no i play it at my frend Cassidys house. lolololollloollol!!!!!! thanks 4 letting me join ur sight k thx buy

I’m really looking forward to reading Timmy’s insightful commentary and seeing all the great LEGO Star Wars and LEGO Halo creations Elite Clone Master Chief Timmy finds for our readers!

Aliencat’s LEGO Necron Heavy Destroyer aims a Gauss cannon at your soul

Sebastian Arts (Aliencat) is one of those multi-talented builders capable of surprising me with each new LEGO creation. His latest is a nasty piece of work inspired by Warhammer 40K — the Necron Heavy Destroyer:

LEGO Necron Heavy Destroyer

See more pictures of the Necron Heavy Destroyer on MOCpages.

Pictures from BrickFest 2009

The big news from BrickFest 2009 may be more details about 10194 Emerald Night, but there’s more to come in the next few days. ;-)

In the meantime, attendees have begun uploading photos of displays and events.

Bill Ward already has 160+ photos online, while Mark Neumann and PurirideVry have uploaded quite a few as well.

The BrickFest pool is also getting refreshed with this year’s photos, so be sure to check it out — and add your photos if you haven’t!

Laputa ornithopter flaps to Sheeta’s rescue

The first LEGO creation that Jon Hall has posted to Flickr is a LEGO version of the ornithopter, or “flaptter”, from the Miyazaki film Laputa: Castle in the Sky:

LEGO Laputa Flaptter

I love the shape, and the use of the clear canopies as wings is excellent.

Thanks for the tip, Horace Cheng! Don’t miss Horace’s own Laputa flaptter here on The Brothers Brick.

To the point

LEGO train tram

I sometimes feel I have a bad habit of blogging LEGO diesel and steam trains even though I’m a big fan of electrics. Esben Kolind has helped cure me of this with his fantastic Copenhagen metropolitan train. Most impressive of all, in my opinion, is the accurate taper of the sides achieved by (in his words) “extreme use of SNOT“. I can’t argue with that. I’ll also use this as an excuse to exercise some parochialism and link to Esben’s Queensland Tilt Train. Check out the movies.

Thanks to Rodney Bistline for the (non-space) heads up.

Sapphire Condor – the Neo Classic Space behemoth

You can count on Ed Diment (Lego Monster) to build one megasized spaceship for the 30 year anniversary of LEGO Space. Unlike other SHIPs, the Sapphire Condor can deploy a remote controlled ground vehicle. Of course, you have to see it to believe it; check it out in the video below.

You can read more about the creation including a backstory and notes from the builder on the Neo Classic Space blog.

Blade Runner Pod-Racer

Over on Flickr, Larry Lars has posted an entry in FBTB’s pod racer contest that I love. It’s a mash-up of a pod-racer and a spinner from Blade Runner.

Blade Runner Pod Racer

He’s done a fantastic job with it, capturing all the little details from the original. I think that might even be Edward James Olmos in the driver’s seat. It’s too bad she won’t live!