Jamie Berard unveils 10194 Emerald Night, plus new LEGO Trains details [News]

iconiconThe forthcoming LEGO Trains set 10194 Emerald Night got an early announcement last month, but the original plan was to announce it at BrickFest 2009 (happening right now in Portland, Oregon).

AFOL-turned-Designer Jamie Berard takes his turn in front of the camera to officially unveil 10194 Emerald Night to LEGO fandom:

Jamie is of course best known as the designer of amazing sets like 10182 CafĂ© Corner and 10185 Green Grocer. If Jamie was involved in the design of Emerald Night, it’s sure to be a wonderful set!

10194 Emerald Nighticon has been available for pre-order from the LEGO Shop online since February, and is scheduled to ship on April 15, 2009.

A few key points from the video:

  • A look into the secret LEGO Vault.
  • Pierre Normandin joins Jamie to highlight 10183 Hobby Trains.
  • New curved slope and train wheels (flange wheel and blind wheel).
  • Lots of dark green (including gold-printed elements), plus tan train windows.
  • New track system.
  • Powered by Power Functions.
  • Mysterious object sitting next to Cafe Corner, Market Street, and Green Grocer…

Check out a second, slightly longer video of Jamie, Pierre, and 10194 Emerald Night on YouTube.

To coincide with the unveiling, the LEGO Group has also released the following additional details about the changes to the LEGO Trains system:

As a follow up to the LEGO 9V Train Communication lll, there is one change we would like to inform you about concerning the LEGO Transformer.

Due to future legal requirements and to provide a more environmentally sustainable solution, we have decided to update the current LEGO Transformer #9833.

The new Power Functions Rechargeable Battery Box #8878 that will launch in mid-April 2009 has been designed to use this new LEGO Transformer #8887. The current LEGO Transformer (#9833) will not work with the new Power Functions rechargeable battery box and will gradually be phased out.

Below is a list of the LEGO Power Functions accessories used across multiple LEGO lines which are used with the new #10194 Emerald Night Train:

#8882 Motor
#8884 IR RX
#8870 Light
#8878 Rechargeable Battery
#8879 Speed Remote Control
#8887 Transformer

Look for more information on these items on www.LEGO.com in early to mid-April 2009.

Tormod Askildsen, Head of LEGO Community Development

So, what do you think of the new LEGO Trains system? Did you see this in person last night at BrickFest? Sound off in the comments…

24 comments on “Jamie Berard unveils 10194 Emerald Night, plus new LEGO Trains details [News]

  1. Morgan19

    …and what I really wanted to say before my mind went stupid and hit submit, is that it’s really interesting seeing videos like this. Seeing and listening to the people behind the sets is incredibly fortunate. Although I’m not a train collector, I can appreciate them and think the set looks fantastic.

    One question, I didn’t see the “mysterious object” the bullets mention. What point in the video was that?

  2. ILikePi

    @Morgan19: The mysterious object is to the left of at around 2:27 on the video. It probably also shows at other times.

    So, is the mysterious object the next set after Green Grocer?

  3. RichardAM

    I’m not a Train fan (yet at any rate!) but I enjoyed the video all the same- it’s always interesting getting behind the scenes tours of TLG imo.

  4. Starwars4J

    I too am not a train fan, but I loved this video all the same. I really wish LEGO would take to putting videos like this out with the designers for the fans, especially videos like this oriented to the adult fans, rather than the other video you had shared with us a bit back.

    It also looks like a nice assortment of parts ;) I’ll have to pick this up at some point.

  5. KH3D

    Does anyone have any idea how much track (length) the K10194 Emerald Night Collection comes with? I can’t find the listed part number on the site, to see if it says.

  6. peterlmorris

    I am actually kind of excited. I have an absolute crapload of 9V track and lots of 9V trains, and I’m glad I’ll be able to run the PF train on the same track, and with rechargable batteries! NICE!

  7. KH3D

    Thanks for the info ILikePi.

    Up until now, my only trains I bought as sets are have been the Super Chief and the GP-38. I’m really looking forward to this one.

  8. Herman

    1. The black bag with the question mark is very interesting indeed.

    2. There is a complete set including powerfunctions stuff for 215 Euros: http://shop.lego.com/ByTheme/Product.aspx?p=K10194&cn=419&d=328
    Kind of expensive if you ask me, but the odds of me buying it are still good.

    3. I’ve asked Lego about the current existing new trains but didn’t get a clear answer: can I use the B7898 (Cargo Train) in combination with all the new stuff? Because this set comes with a load of track and isn’t bad itself.

  9. gregjsmith

    It does not appear that they have changed the gauge (L-Gauge of course) of the rail. In the video, they show the very early lego train running on the same track as the new train.

    They have a new type of flexible track and from the looks of the ends of the track in the link Herman sent, they appear to be the same connectors the old track used to connect pieces together.

  10. David4

    I thought it was awesome until I saw the thing is $12 dollars without a train!!!!

    $212 for a train?!?! I thought the point of the new systems was to have children of all ages be able to play with LEGO Trains. That is why I like the RC speed passenger train, it was only $80.

  11. Herman

    The flexible track is not a replacement of the current track I think. It doesn’t look as sleek, especially when using straight track. I think it’s more of a useful addon that let’s let’s you tie any two ends together without having to solve any math problems that usually come with it.

    Thanks for the replies. I was wondering if I should buy the Train Super pack, which is having a sale at the local store here.

    The 215 Euro price tag is a bit steep, yes. But children won’t care for this. It’s more of an AFOL train with lot’s of detail.

  12. David4

    This isn’t the only train LEGO will ever release. The whole reason they got rid of the 9V was because it cost a lot. With the RC train the price was perfect for children. Children will never play with LEGO Trains now, never.

    Of course it’s not LEGO’s fault, it seems to be the EU’s. LEGO made a rechargeable battery, and that cost $75 when the old regular battery pack only cost $7-$8.

    For $220 I get a 1000 piece train with no track, or for $250 I get a fully working robot? Hard choice.

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