The story of LEGO

Recently an article was published on (one of the world’s leading online newspaper sites) condensing the history of LEGO in an objective but heartwarming fashion, highlighting its current success amidst the sweeping economic crisis. Click here to read it.

Never mind the recession – Lego is now so popular that there are 62 little coloured blocks for every person on the planet. Yet only five years ago this family business was on the brink of ruin. Jon Henley reports from the Danish town where it all began

This comprehensive yet condensed article touches on all the significant historical events in LEGO from Christiansen’ production of the wooden duck to the upcoming new LEGO board games. Also included are interesting facts about LEGO. Did you know that the company estimates about 250,000 adult LEGO fans around the globe and that the fastest time to build the 3104-piece UCS Star Destroyer by a team of five is only 1 hour 42 minutes 43 seconds?

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  1. gitom1025

    Very cool story! As a former Wal-Mart toy department manager, it was interesting to see the changes in the LEGO aisle over the past few years – from tons of stuff to much smaller shelf space. Plus there was always tons of stuff on clearance after Christmas.
    Wish I had gotten a hold of those new Republic Gunships when they hit their clearance magical lowest price!

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