April Fools: Please welcome Elite Clone Master Chief Timmy!

Even though LEGO Star Wars is our most popular category, we really don’t blog enough LEGO creations inspired by the glorious prequel trilogy or animated Clone Wars series. Similarly, I’m not satisfied with the number of LEGO Halo creations our current contributors blog. To fix that gap in our coverage of the LEGO fan community, I’m pleased to announce that Elite Clone Master Chief Timmy will be joining The Brothers Brick as a contributor!

LEGO Clone TrooperHere’s Timmy in his own words:

i <3 clone wars and commander rex is my favorite clone but commander cody is pertty cool to. the 1st LSW wuz okay i liked how U could brake things into teh difrent legos but Halos bettre cos Master Chief is awsome!!!1!!!1!!!! my mom dosnt no i play it at my frend Cassidys house. lolololollloollol!!!!!! thanks 4 letting me join ur sight k thx buy

I’m really looking forward to reading Timmy’s insightful commentary and seeing all the great LEGO Star Wars and LEGO Halo creations Elite Clone Master Chief Timmy finds for our readers!

15 comments on “April Fools: Please welcome Elite Clone Master Chief Timmy!

  1. Lich Barrister

    If I may, there are several spelling mistakes in this post. I do hope that the editorial standards of this blog will not be abrogated – I could break another monocle in such a circumstance.

  2. Nolnet

    Good morning everybody. So, it is this time of the year again, huh? I’m going to enjoy every post from the bottom of the page (already!) upwards. Nice tagline by the way :-)

  3. Jacob

    ^ HAHAHAHAHAhahahaheeheeheheh…. whew.

    Peter, you made my day, if you’re referring what I think you’re referring.

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