Sapphire Condor – the Neo Classic Space behemoth

You can count on Ed Diment (Lego Monster) to build one megasized spaceship for the 30 year anniversary of LEGO Space. Unlike other SHIPs, the Sapphire Condor can deploy a remote controlled ground vehicle. Of course, you have to see it to believe it; check it out in the video below.

You can read more about the creation including a backstory and notes from the builder on the Neo Classic Space blog.

7 comments on “Sapphire Condor – the Neo Classic Space behemoth

  1. Melfice

    *pick jaw up from the floor*

    Give. NOW.

    In all seriousness, this has such an awesome shape, and the addition of an ACTUAL remote controlled ground vehicle is just awesome.
    I thought you guys meant that it was remotely controlled from the ship. Y’know, like backstory.

    Also, I thought that “lance” at the left front was a marker of sorts. >__>

  2. The Mad Physicist

    The remote controlled vehicle was my model for the Neo Classic Space project two weeks ago, built in close cooperation with Ed. Sadly it was omitted from the overviews of the project that TBB have been posting in the last few weeks. I can’t complain about them not paying enough attention to my MOCs lately, though.


  3. Creative Anarchy

    The scale of that thing is impressive if only for the fact that the more you pictures look at the bigger it looks.

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