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April Fools: Master Donut hails from the blue [Interview]

Every once in a while, a master builder joins the online LEGO community from out of the blue and brings along a slew of eye-opening creations. In my recent perusal of Flickr, I came across a new member who prefers to be addressed humbly as Donut. On the other hand, his creations are nothing of the modest kind – they are the works of a master. In my curiosity to press for the truth, I initiated a conversation with the builder that ultimately bore the fruit of this insightful and inspirational interview.

TBB: Tell us about yourself, how long have you been building?

Donut: I believe I was a kid when I got my first LEGO set, it had those cool minifigs in red, blue, and yellow that wore round hats and flew around in planes of all kinds of shapes. I feel like it’s been thirty years. I’ve been building since then until the LEGO sets themselves told me that I was too old. I was no longer 6-12 years old and that meant I can’t have no more bricks anymore. I was so overwhelmed with sadness when I gave away all my LEGO to my thirty-year old neighbor who said he had a son who loves LEGO, though I’ve never seen him. I felt so alone in the world without my bricks.

TBB: How did you get back into building?

Donut: I couldn’t bear to live a life without LEGO, so I rummaged the house and scavenged a handful of leftover bricks in all nooks and crannies. I secretly built in the closet in the basement every moment I can spare. I thought that if I’d been caught, it’d be worse than having cheated on my girlfriend. Eventually, I engineered a secret compartment in my house to store my bricks.

TBB: When did you decide to publicaly reveal your hobby and what inspired you to do so?

Donut: Well, not to sound gay or anything, but I came out of the closet just recently. I have to admit that the story was pretty embarrasing now that I think about it. I had been at work one day and was experiencing the most boring day of my life. Since the economy went bad, we were getting less and less customers to invest in our Margaritaville-brand magarita mixer. I was sitting in front of my computer thinking nothing but LEGO. All the while I wanted to search for LEGO on the internet. I thought that if I’d been caught, it’d be worse than having downloaded pr0n. In the end I caved in temptation, so I googled for LEGO. Lo and behold, there were all sorts of websites with adults and LEGO, it was like everyone was doing it back in the Sixties!

TBB: How did you feel afterwards?

Donut: Man, that was the best day of my life! When I came home I took out all my bricks and built for more than 48 hours non-stop. I wanted to share my creations with the world and see what everyone else is building. It was a shame I never took photos of my creations. I can say with certainty that there had been thousands of MOCs in my years of behind the scenes building. Although I’ve only built less than a dozen new creations this week, they’re all uploaded onto my new Flickr account.

TBB: In our last question to wrap up the interview, what have you concluded from your unusual experience with LEGO?

Donut: If Yu-Gi-Oh was a minifig, he’d be saying “never stop believing in the heart of the bricks!” Phrases like that catch on when you have kids who watch cartoons. But in addition to that, I also want to say to never believe the age markings on the LEGO boxes, because you can never be too old to build. That’s what I love about these bricks, man: I get older, they stay the same shape. I love the smell of bricks in the morning. It smells like victory. Recently someone saw my LEGO room and told me that this is madness, but I screamed to his face “this is LEGOland!” and kicked him into the nearest uncovered manhole on the streets. From above I told him my momma always said “life is like a tub of LEGO bricks. You never know what you’re gonna get”. So until then, hasta la vista, baby.

April Fools: Åprill Føl’s Daj wiff Jørgen!

Our friends at the Jørgen Vig Knudstorp blog always finds ways to parody our favorite chief executive officer of LEGO. For the April Fools bonus, we get an extra dose of Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen along with Jørgen at no extra charge! Enjoy this special comic made by John of Speaking of which, you should definitely check out his regularly updated blog.


April Fools: Bricklink sales keep getting bigger and bigger

As the rest of the country waits for the promising effects of the economic stimulus, Bricklink sellers have long been enjoying their own stimulus in the growth of sales. Fueled by hot demands of collectors and brick addicts worldwide, sales keep getting bigger and bigger. Nowadays, sellers pack more and more into each order, which translates directly into larger profits. Indeed, when it comes down to the package, size does matter.

Nevertheless, as sellers lavish in their hedonistic trade, one must question how they manage to escape the guilty conscience of dealing addictive ABS in plastic baggies to bankrupt adult LEGO fans and even to underage kids and teenagers, who would gladly spend the last cent of their meager allowance on minifig accessories than on textbooks and school supplies. Ironically, this highly exploitative act is fully condoned by the government, so it can’t be that bad after all. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some big orders to attend to.

April Fools: The secret life of Nannan

Contrary to what you see of me as a LEGO builder, blogger, seller, collector, and ambassador, I actually run a double life as a high ranking member of the mafia, and I work the night shift to clean up the streets and run various errands. Of course, you know this can’t be true, or can it? In either case, I can’t tell you too much of what I do. I’ll leave it to you to judge the authenticity of this picture that speaks a thousand words.

April Fools: Star Wars LEGO fan finds TWO chrome Vaders in one box!

Remember the post we wrote about LEGO Star Wars fan Starstreak, who knew for sure he was hot onto a never before opened box containing a rare limited edition chrome Darth Vader? This time he stumbles upon something truely remarkable. You probably guessed it from the title of the post, but see for yourself the miracle unfolding in this genuine video below!

April Fools: The secret life of Andrew

Well-placed sources in the United States government have recently revealed that LEGO blogger and alleged poet Andrew Becraft is in fact the same person as international super-spy and beloved raconteur Steven Andrew Ogilvy.

Dunechaser in LondonLeaked technical specifications reveal that the LEGO minifig, or so-called sigfig, that Becraft carries with him on his travels contains a 3D micro-camera, long-range stereo microphone, 2-terabyte flash drive, and spring-loaded poison darts.

This and other as-yet-undisclosed technology has enabled Becraft — codenamed “Dunechaser” — to surveil high-profile locations such as the UK Houses of Parliament with impunity. An anonymous MI5 agent is quoted as saying, “The unprecedented access Becraft was able to obtain using a few pieces of heavily customized Legos [sic] is astounding.”

Dunechaser in DublinMotives behind the exposure of “Steven Andrew Ogilvy” remain as unclear as the value of the intelligence Becraft was able to gather on his “business trips” to Great Britain, the Republic of Ireland, and New Zealand.

Fellow agents interviewed for this article (speaking on condition of anonymity) assert, “Everybody at the CIA already knew that the British Museum has lots of Egyptian statues, and that there’s a bust of James Joyce on St. Stephen’s Green. Oh, can you edit out the part where I mention the CIA?”

Others suspect that Becraft’s promotion of Danish toy maker LEGO’s Agents series may have run afoul of protectionist elements in the American government.

New prototypes from Brickarms – the real deal!

At the BrickFest convention last weekend, BrickArms announces a new batch of prototypes of anticipated custom minifigure weapons and accessories. This is no joke, because what you see in the photos from The Enigma that is Badger and Ranger of Awesomeness are all real.

(Above): minigun
(Below): buildable ammo chain and MG42 and PPSh

(Below): Buzzgun and Flame gun

For more pictures and more prototypes, check them out here and here!

April Fools: Wussup guyz! Elite Clone Master Chief Timmy is in da house!

i’m new to bros bricks and i can’t wait to start blogging all the kewl things that people just like me can build. I think its good to show all the star wars and halo creations from mocpages. i’ve ben on mocpages for almost a yr. Check out Scorp‘s halo 3 capture the flag. I like Nannan Z‘s halo final run scene as well, both are awesome in my opinien