April Fools: Order 66 destroy all Jedi mwahaha!!!1!

Commander Fed from MOCpages buildz the way kewl order 66. It’s so awesome that the clones are shooting the Jedi and the whole scene has so many minifigs and there weapons are kewl. Plz rate and leave comments!!!

6 comments on “April Fools: Order 66 destroy all Jedi mwahaha!!!1!

  1. Will Thomas

    omg you are always amazing but this is ur best creaton ever!!!!!!!1!1!!1!!1 do u want to join my groop? its called teh c.o.c.k. [clones owneng clones kallorbatiun]. oh yeah and check out my stuf!!!!!111!!1

  2. Awesome-o-saurus

    AAH! ttly cool, dood. u no, al star warzerz typ lik dis, cuz that isnt st3re0 tipical or anee thing…

    Of crs, rembmr dis waz april fuulz day…

    Because I certainly hope this was an April fools thing. Unless this is what people really think of us Star Warsers…

  3. Gus Indo

    Sadly, this has to be Fed’s worst diorama. He got a lot better. And while I do see where this is going, Fed himself is not a “clonetard” in the way people seem to be thinking. Go for some lesser clonetards if you really want to feature one.

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