New prototypes from Brickarms – the real deal!

At the BrickFest convention last weekend, BrickArms announces a new batch of prototypes of anticipated custom minifigure weapons and accessories. This is no joke, because what you see in the photos from The Enigma that is Badger and Ranger of Awesomeness are all real.

(Above): minigun
(Below): buildable ammo chain and MG42 and PPSh

(Below): Buzzgun and Flame gun

For more pictures and more prototypes, check them out here and here!

3 comments on “New prototypes from Brickarms – the real deal!

  1. Shmails

    Again, it would be nice if this wasn’t jammed in between all the joke posts. I had to go to the forums just to confirm what is posted here.

    The minigun is very exciting looking.

  2. Creative Anarchy

    I’ve been seeing new prototypes for months. I know he has a day job and a family but when will we be seeing some of these cool new guns for sale??

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