April Fools: The secret life of Nannan

Contrary to what you see of me as a LEGO builder, blogger, seller, collector, and ambassador, I actually run a double life as a high ranking member of the mafia, and I work the night shift to clean up the streets and run various errands. Of course, you know this can’t be true, or can it? In either case, I can’t tell you too much of what I do. I’ll leave it to you to judge the authenticity of this picture that speaks a thousand words.

13 comments on “April Fools: The secret life of Nannan

  1. Dean H

    Some say that he vacations in hell, and that his wine is the blood of beheaded infants. All we know is, he’s called Nannan.

  2. Melfice

    Hmm… he works the nights as a superhero!

    That thing he’s sitting on? It’s his cape.

  3. sparesoul

    I was planning on doing a mural of President Obama, but this image truly captures the new American spirit.
    Do I have permission to compose a faithful remdition out of carnations and pimp-flowers across the White House lawn?

  4. wintermute

    Maybe the fabulous mafia. . .
    A high ranking member who does his own dirty work?
    Oh Zhang I always knew there was more than meets the eye when it came to you. However I did not expect your fierce choice of patterns and fabrics.

  5. LordExxos

    So you live a life I could only dream about and are exceedingly sexy.

    Thank you, my hatred of you is now complete.

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