April Fools: Star Wars LEGO fan finds TWO chrome Vaders in one box!

Remember the post we wrote about LEGO Star Wars fan Starstreak, who knew for sure he was hot onto a never before opened box containing a rare limited edition chrome Darth Vader? This time he stumbles upon something truely remarkable. You probably guessed it from the title of the post, but see for yourself the miracle unfolding in this genuine video below!

23 comments on “April Fools: Star Wars LEGO fan finds TWO chrome Vaders in one box!

  1. Will Will

    Aw c’mon! How in the hell is this being done? I feel like an idiot shaking battle packs in department stores, and then buying them only to find out I’m stuck with another 6 assassin droids — and no chrome vader. Frustrating.

  2. pe668

    He’s like the count from Sesame Street, next week it will be 3 chrome vaders…..ah ha ha!

  3. mania3

    Look at all of the other ridiculous articles posted on the 31st Optimystic. It’s April Fool’s. I promise you.

  4. The Ranger of Awesomeness

    I have a feeling that “starstreak” is nannan using a fake accent to disguise his voice… Notice that he showed the seams at the back of the box, but the vaders were found on the front… He never showed the front! He’s obviously taken off the front, but the vaders in, and glued it back, then filmed the video. “Oh look, I got two. Two in one box! Awesome.” ;)

  5. captainsmog

    And notice the oscar-winning actor’s skill to make
    you beleive he has found TWO minifigs!
    “Oh… my god… i’ve found two chrome Vaders minifigs… Awesooome…”
    He seems more bored than exited. ;-)

  6. nexus15

    Thanks for posting this, because it confirms this guy is scamming everyone and making them believe his lies. The facts are we all know that Lego is particular about their minifigs in regular sets, making sure that 99.99% of the time they are always correct and not missing _any_ of the mini figs or their pieces (hair, hat, accessories) goes to prove what I am about to say:
    1. You dont get chrome vaders in battle packs.
    2. you will never EVER get 2 of the special minifigs in a box single retail box. EVER!
    Why? Because if Lego is so 99.99% perfect in all of their regular sets you think they would slip up and put 2 in one box? Absolutely not!
    I was specifically told that the chrome vaders are only in the $30 vaders tie set and this goes to prove that this guy’s antics are going too far. Even if you dont believe me do you believe that they come in battle packs after he lies to you to get you all believing he can get 2 from one battle pack? That lie should have you questioning it all. Please discontinue posting this guys videos in the future brothers-brick, its really wrong what hes doing.

    To anyone wasting money on trying for it in battle packs I, myself, am very sorry for any money and time wasted. I don’t know if his tactic is personal amusement or confusion because he actually gains nothing by doing this.

  7. ILikePi

    @ The Ranger of Awesomeness: Starstreak is NOT Nannan. I’ve known him online for like 3 months…there’s no way he could be him.

  8. Nannan Post author

    @ all skeptics, I hate to break it to you guys, but the original video is genuine. We only serve BS on one day of the year.

  9. nexus15

    “@ all skeptics, I hate to break it to you guys, but the original video is genuine. We only serve BS on one day of the year.”
    That insinuates that this second video is BS, which then in itself insinuates that he knows how to open the boxes and drop vaders inside nullifiying any credibility he might have. Not to mention but a few other things:
    I am on authority to know im right in them _not_ coming in the battle packs.
    So far he has only done assasin droid packs, why not in the clone trooper ones which would be a logical assumption. If he has x-ray eyes prove it and pull one out of a clone trooper pack.
    Finally if he can do it others can here is the official call to the internet (since these videos are getting a lot of views) Anyone reply if you have found one in a battle pack. No one will be able to.

    I stand behind my previous comment, mainly due to the part about knowing how lego works minifigs into normal sets. That cant be denyed. If hes a faker once (this one is obvious because of my point) his entire creditability is in question.

  10. starstreak0007

    Ok. At this point in time, there is a way to get the Chome Vader from some sets without opening the box. The one that you see here was BS as I was asked to make it in humor. Now. Go buy a set and get chromed. :)

  11. Optimystic

    Think about it nexus, if Starstreak were to pull one out of a clone battle pack woudn’t that only make you more suspicous?

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