April Fools: Bricklink sales keep getting bigger and bigger

As the rest of the country waits for the promising effects of the economic stimulus, Bricklink sellers have long been enjoying their own stimulus in the growth of sales. Fueled by hot demands of collectors and brick addicts worldwide, sales keep getting bigger and bigger. Nowadays, sellers pack more and more into each order, which translates directly into larger profits. Indeed, when it comes down to the package, size does matter.

Nevertheless, as sellers lavish in their hedonistic trade, one must question how they manage to escape the guilty conscience of dealing addictive ABS in plastic baggies to bankrupt adult LEGO fans and even to underage kids and teenagers, who would gladly spend the last cent of their meager allowance on minifig accessories than on textbooks and school supplies. Ironically, this highly exploitative act is fully condoned by the government, so it can’t be that bad after all. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some big orders to attend to.

16 comments on “April Fools: Bricklink sales keep getting bigger and bigger

  1. Dr. X

    I’ve noticed the same thing. Recently after a month or so of not a single order, I got three orders in a row and all were larger than normal (at least, for me). It does seem like people are buying less often but packing all of their orders for a long time period into one.

    I’m almost out of minifigs though, so I’m waiting for the next round of Star Wars sets to come out.

  2. Herman

    Is that an arrow in your pants or are you really happy with your sales?

    I’m one of the more frequent buyers, as a starter Moccer.

  3. Tagl

    @Rocko: This curve really is excellent :-)
    @ Dr.X: After a month of abstinence one might grow larger as normal, maybe even three times in a row :p

  4. Ochre Jelly

    You should probably get a doctor to take a look at that. Its not supposed to be that color. Or that length. Or have bits sticking out of it. And I would advise taking the bus, rather than driving. :D

  5. peterlmorris

    I was going to make an inappropriate comment about the arrow, but I see half the internet already beat me to it.

    Thanks Nannan for providing lulz instead of nightmares for once!

  6. The Ranger of Awesomeness

    Ahaha, nice work on the “Yanking part #208c01 since early April 2008!”, TBB guys. Well played. I’m still waiting for Josh’s posts…

    For those of you who don’t know, part is a chain! http://www.peeron.com/inv/parts/208c01

    “Yanking your chain since early April 2008!”

  7. thinkingbricks

    haven’t noticed this on bb, maybe i missed it, but lego.com’s pick a brick http://shop.lego.com/PAB/, HAPPILY increased piece selection from 1000 to 1496!

    but SADLY, they increased their prices again, MASSIVELY!

    i thought the price increase was an april fools joke at first, but it looks real

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