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An investigation into the origins of the LEGO Foot Soldier comic [Feature]

LEGO memes are in abundance, but not many of them surface more often that the idea that stepping on a LEGO brick is painful. One of the best-known iterations of this meme is a comic that’s been making the rounds on the internet for years featuring a brick-general giving training to other brick-soldiers gathered around a plan of attack diagramming the human foot.

If you’re a fan of LEGO, chances are good that you’ve seen it at some point in time and probably even had it shared with you more than once. But did you ever stop to think, who created this? Well, perhaps I’m more inquisitive than most, but that’s what piqued my interest. So let me share with you the journey of discovery that I took…

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AFOL parody, a comic about Mark Kelso

I occasionally love a good comic, especially if it involves someone I know. Do you think you know Mark Kelso beyond his brick monstrosities? Check out this comic by Jeff F. on MOCpages and you might learn more about the legend, more than you need to that is. If you care about the building techniques in the setup, visit Brickshelf for easy viewing of all the pictures.

Free Squiddy! Alien rights now!

LEGO Space Police III Free Squidman!I really do love the new Space Police III theme, from the wonderful alien minifigs to the subtle in-jokes that the designers incorporated throughout their sets.

Nevertheless, a running joke among LEGO fans is that the line is xenophobic and defames sentient non-human life forms.

Seeing District 9 last night (based on Alive in Joberg from 2005), reminded me of this great webcomic from Shortpacked! Click the preview pic below to read the full comic.

LEGO Space Police III Shortpacked! webcomic

Of course, LEGO designer Mark Stafford has explained that “Space Police are only responsible for interspecies crime… Non criminal aliens are of course welcome to live and work in terran space.”

Sounds like a challenge to all you LEGO fans out there to build a creation that shows the new SPIII aliens in a more positive light.

Nerds in Space fake-interviews a fake me for a spot-on parody of the real me

Derek Almen (Captain Redstorm) posts a frequently updated LEGO webcomic called Nerds in Space on Flickr. I was amused today to see myself seated on the big red couch discussing data, content, advertising, solutions, and exposure:

Nerds in Space #55 on Flickr

With my twice-a-year Brothers-Brick.com anniversary and Brothers Brick birthday posts, my love for both content and data (with associated metadata! *drools* ) is no secret. I also have an adorable troll to do my every bidding behind the scenes. It’s hilarious how accurate Derek’s parody of me really is…

Check out all the Nerds in Space episodes on Flickr.

Oh, and Lesson #1 in how to get blogged on The Brothers Brick: Appeal to the vanity of one of the bloggers.

April Fools: Åprill Føl’s Daj wiff Jørgen!

Our friends at the Jørgen Vig Knudstorp blog always finds ways to parody our favorite chief executive officer of LEGO. For the April Fools bonus, we get an extra dose of Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen along with Jørgen at no extra charge! Enjoy this special comic made by John of Brickspace.org. Speaking of which, you should definitely check out his regularly updated blog.