Free Squiddy! Alien rights now!

LEGO Space Police III Free Squidman!I really do love the new Space Police III theme, from the wonderful alien minifigs to the subtle in-jokes that the designers incorporated throughout their sets.

Nevertheless, a running joke among LEGO fans is that the line is xenophobic and defames sentient non-human life forms.

Seeing District 9 last night (based on Alive in Joberg from 2005), reminded me of this great webcomic from Shortpacked! Click the preview pic below to read the full comic.

LEGO Space Police III Shortpacked! webcomic

Of course, LEGO designer Mark Stafford has explained that “Space Police are only responsible for interspecies crime… Non criminal aliens are of course welcome to live and work in terran space.”

Sounds like a challenge to all you LEGO fans out there to build a creation that shows the new SPIII aliens in a more positive light.

7 comments on “Free Squiddy! Alien rights now!

  1. eti

    Sounds like a great challenge indeed. Who knows I’ll think of something. Actually I love those aliens and I don’t like those police officers very much…

  2. worker201

    Although I find the alien liberation stuff kinda funny, I think it highlights TLG’s poor handling of racial diversity. Skirting the issue by making a homogeneous population only worked when yellow was the only available minifig skin tone. Licensed sets containing Black and Caucasian characters only serves to highlight the lack of diversity elsewhere in the Lego system.

    Now that TLG has included multiple races in unlicensed sets, but only as unlawful criminals, one has to wonder whether this isn’t a step backwards in terms of making Lego more diverse.

    I encourage TLG to accept and embrace minifig diversity. Alien cops chasing human criminals would be a good start, but having multi-racial minifig heads and hands available in fig packs or PaB would be even better.

  3. MrEvers

    When I heard about these sets, I actually sent a complaint to TLG, together with the suggestion to include humans among the bad guys and aliens among the police officers in future sets of this line.

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