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Sebastian Arts’ Reality Dysfunction will eat your city

Run and hide your Cafe Corner, Market Street and Green Grocer!  This creepy creation built by Sebastian “Aliencat” Arts will consume all!

Side note: haha, take that Nannan, I finally blogged a Black Fantasy creation before you!

What do Half-Life 2 and Magritte have to do with each other?

Absolutely nothing.  But I am a huge fan of these two completely unrelated minfigs.

Balakov recreates Magritte’s The Son of Man in LEGO:


And hobo has made a minifig Poison Headcrab Zombie from Half-Life 2.


Mǝmory’s Baku Truck

Mǝmory ‘s Baku Truck is a wonderfully designed cargo/deliver vehicle.  I especially like the splashes of dark green and the design of the cab.



Kovic Utility Truck by J5N

I love the look of orange with…just about any color, and so of course this wonderfully-made truck by Jas Nagra (J5N) caught my eye at once while browsing Flickr.  It’s very well-made, I very much like the design of the rear-view mirrors.

Steven Marshall does some heavy lifting with his forklift

Steven Marshall has put his orange bricks and the new Power Miners rollcage piece together to create this beautiful minifig-scale forklift, complete with actual rear steering!

Mainman’s Micro Moonbase is powered by Power Miner prongs

Sometimes when I’m browsing Flickr a LEGO thumbnail grabs my eye and I love the creation even before I really know what it is.  This is the case with Mainman’s Micro moonbase module that features parts from the Power Miners line.  I didn’t know at first it was a (micro) moonbase module, let alone a space creation, but I immediately thought it was awesome.  Just something about it, with all those cheese slopes and  the orange/dark gray color scheme…


“This chamber has been replaced with a live fire course designed for military androids. The Enrichment Center apologizes for the inconvenience and wishes you the best of luck.”

I am admittedly a Valve fanboy, and I especially love Portal, the acclaimed puzzle game originally bundled with The Orange Box. When I saw this vignette my Mister_007 featuring one of those child-like (and lethal) turrets, I had to blog it immediately. And remember, the turrets don’t hate you.

Anyone up for a game of Brickgammon?

It can’t be helped, sometimes excellent LEGO creations get passed over by us Brothers.  However, thanks to the excellent networking of Flickr, it is still quite possible to stumble upon excellent LEGO creations months (and even years) after they’ve been posted.  This LEGO backgammon game by dh-l is a perfect example.  Everything from the classic game is recreated out of LEGO except for the dice.  It even folds up into a carrying case, just like the original!



The Many Poses of Lloyd Whittle

Recently Lloyd Whittle has posted a series of small creations that all feature minifigures in interesting and creative positions, including a swashbuckling pirate:

Beach bullies (the girl’s legs inspired by a creation by Amanda Baldwin):

 And a creepy pool scene:

Down the F Market & Wharves Line with Alex Eylar

Alex “Profound Whatever Eylar invites us for a ride on his wonderful miniland-scale railcar.  Seeing excellent miniland creations like this makes me want to break out from minifig-scale creations and try my hand at something bigger.

LEGO + Maxifig + Leia + golden bikini = Fanboys REJOICE!

Behold, this sculpture by Ryan Wood is truly a wondrous sight:

Benlego braces for an explosive winter

Benlego presents a couple of winter wonderland scenes about to be interrupted by those rascally Power Miners:



As a bonus, check out this creative shadow puppetry:


And, finally, thanks to the new Castle and Pirate sets, minifigs can finally go fishing properly: