Benlego braces for an explosive winter

Benlego presents a couple of winter wonderland scenes about to be interrupted by those rascally Power Miners:



As a bonus, check out this creative shadow puppetry:


And, finally, thanks to the new Castle and Pirate sets, minifigs can finally go fishing properly:

4 comments on “Benlego braces for an explosive winter

  1. Jai

    Really great lighting on the last two. I love the fishing one in particular, where the light’s coming through the blue bricks to realistically tint everything “under the water” blue. Ace.

  2. Euphreana

    Loving those ice skates in the second scene! (And the happy, peaceful looks on the kid and skater contrasted with the miner’s panicked expressions are just great.) Very cool!

  3. NHale

    Love that dynamite! It’s hard to believe we had to use that printed dynamite tile for so long.

    These Power Miner vigs are similar to the FANTASTIC designer video clips just posted on the Power Miners site. Have you seen them? I think they should use them as commercials, skip the cgi stuff, just show the designers playing with the actual toys–great videos!

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