Pimp Louise Dade’s wheelchair! [Contest]

Louise Dade (Bladewood) and Reasonably Clever are teaming up for a very cool contest — build a pimped-out version of Louise’s wheelchair!

LEGO Pimp My Wheelchair contest graphic

The contest runs from today through November 15th. Click the graphic to check out the rules and prizes.

4 comments on “Pimp Louise Dade’s wheelchair! [Contest]

  1. Louise Dade

    @Robo-Knight – this question was asked on the contest threads too. Here is the answer I gave there:

    You can build in another scale if you really wish, but there will be bonus points for making it minifig scale. Why? Well, because a non-minifig scale model won’t be much use to my Author Avatar! Therefore, non-minifig scale models will be considered as “concept prototypes”. However, if it’s a totally brilliant model then it will definitely still stand a chance of a prize.

    Please direct any further questions to the contest thread on the Brick comic Network forum. Thanks.

    And thank you to Andrew for blogging this.


    P.S. US citizens can also win a Pirate Advent Calendar from us too – so with the contest over at Forbidden Cove, you have two chances to win one!

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