Ook? Oook ook ook. Ook!

I continue to be a sucker for just about any creation that alludes to Terry Pratchett’s Discworld novels. My favorite character finally came to life when Sylvain (captainsmog) created and placed the Librarian in his natural habitat, the library of Unseen University. He’s an orangutan, not a monkey. Do not call him a monkey!

Librarian in the library

Aside from my easy seduction by Discworld and apes behaving as humans, this diorama features some neat posing, building techniques, and fantastic attention to detail, such as books chained to shelves, metal rods to conduct magic from the books, and of course bananas. I wonder if he even has a Watch badge in his desk.

He also has a great scene of an Agatean farmer that inspires me for an upcoming project of my own, and his diorama of an Omnian inquisition chamber is horrifyingly fantastic. And Hex, and an iconograph demon, and 72-hour Ahmed, and Hodgesaargh, and . . . never mind. Don’t take my word for it. Check them out yourself.