AFOL parody, a comic about Mark Kelso

I occasionally love a good comic, especially if it involves someone I know. Do you think you know Mark Kelso beyond his brick monstrosities? Check out this comic by Jeff F. on MOCpages and you might learn more about the legend, more than you need to that is. If you care about the building techniques in the setup, visit Brickshelf for easy viewing of all the pictures.

2 comments on “AFOL parody, a comic about Mark Kelso

  1. Benjamin Good

    This one is really long but really funny and well-done, I highly recommend it. I’d recommend viewing it on MOCpages, not Brickshelf, because most of the pics have captions that are essential to getting the real story and the humor.

    Despite spending a lot of time on Brickshelf and Brothers-Brick, I’m rarely on MOCpages and so I don’t actually know the people involved here (although obviously I was still amused by it, so it’s worth checking out even if you’re not familiar with them). I’d like to assume that this was all done in good fun, but maybe there’s bad blood b/n Jeff and Mark that I don’t know about (in which case this would be the Lego equivalent of a gangsta rap ‘dis’ song). Anybody care to provide some additional detail on the inside story?

  2. Jeff Fauble

    The “Inside story”? There really isn’t one. I just had a bunch of ideas in my head that I wanted to get out. Kelso is a well-known rascal on MOCpages, and the target of many smack episodes, and I just jumped on the bandwagon with it. I don’t personally know Mark, but he’s a fun guy and enjoys reading crazy stuff about himself, and has shown his approval of the episode. No bad blood in any way whatsoever.

    Glad to hear you enjoyed reading it, and you’re right; it needs to be viewed on MOCpages to get the full benefit of the story, which doesn’t make much sense without the captions. (And doesn’t make much more with, to be honest. :P)

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