Pictures from BrickFest 2009

The big news from BrickFest 2009 may be more details about 10194 Emerald Night, but there’s more to come in the next few days. ;-)

In the meantime, attendees have begun uploading photos of displays and events.

Bill Ward already has 160+ photos online, while Mark Neumann and PurirideVry have uploaded quite a few as well.

The BrickFest pool is also getting refreshed with this year’s photos, so be sure to check it out — and add your photos if you haven’t!

1 comment on “Pictures from BrickFest 2009

  1. Aliencat

    Looks like Brickfest was great again :)
    The castle in the picture above was made by Micah Brown, I didn’t see that mentioned anywhere so just thought I’d point it out.

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