Monthly Archives: August 2007

A steamer on legs

Zachmoe’s latest is a beautiful piece. It’s very difficult making something look this thrown together, but the result Zach gets leaves me dumbstruck. Check it out on his flickr stream. It is based on this concept art from the Classic-Space concept gallery.

Edit: The original concept art is drawn by Keith Thompson. Thanks for the heads up Ethan!

News: The New is online

Now in its fourth incarnation, is designed to become the place where new LEGO fans can learn about the hobby and see how they can get involved in the fan community.

The site will grow over time, but head on over and check out some of the sections that are already online, including several articles, news, and profiles of the current LEGO Ambassadors (with a particularly unflattering picture of me, which I’ve been meaning to have replaced).

You can contact administrators with your questions and suggestions, and I’ll also be happy to pass along anything you’d like to say.

News: The latest from PodBrix sells out in a day

Speaking of custom LEGO products, artist “Tomi” has been creating various Apple+LEGO products under the PodBrix name for several years. Tomi uses a combination of offical elements and customized pieces to create his artwork. Each new product is released as a limited edition, and seems to get more popular each time — the most recent one sold out in a day! The latest from Tomi is a vignette showing the early days of Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs (cofounders of Apple Computer):

Thanks to readers Paul and Jeremy for the reminder!

News: Barnyard animals from BrickForge

I wrote in my review last week that BrickForge would soon be selling livestock. Well, that “soon” has arrived!

The $5 cows come in solid black and Holstein white, the $3 pigs are currently available in black and pink (with white coming soon), and the $3 sheep are available in black and white. You can further customize the cows with udders — no, I’m not kidding — and horns that are sold separately ($0.50 for a pair of horns, $0.50 per udder).