News: Barnyard animals from BrickForge

I wrote in my review last week that BrickForge would soon be selling livestock. Well, that “soon” has arrived!

The $5 cows come in solid black and Holstein white, the $3 pigs are currently available in black and pink (with white coming soon), and the $3 sheep are available in black and white. You can further customize the cows with udders — no, I’m not kidding — and horns that are sold separately ($0.50 for a pair of horns, $0.50 per udder).

3 comments on “News: Barnyard animals from BrickForge

  1. Lego Shark

    haha udd- say huh?

    Ok i can understand that the want to be realistic but thats gone to far.
    im sory to you fellas at BF, but oh boy udders for lemonade stand prices is kinda creepy.

  2. smcginnis

    These are so cool… Too bad they’re so expensive. I mean, the prices are pretty reasonable, considering production costs, but for someone like me whose only income is a small monthly allowance and holiday money, it’d be impossible to get as many as I’d like. Ah well. I’ll still try to get at least one of each.

    And Lego Shark, I don’t think anyone else thinks the udders are creepy. ;) I myself think that they’re a wonderful idea.


  3. David

    Not cheap, but looks great. I think it’s a little crazy to charge $0.50 for it, just include the things in the price.

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