News: The latest from PodBrix sells out in a day

Speaking of custom LEGO products, artist “Tomi” has been creating various Apple+LEGO products under the PodBrix name for several years. Tomi uses a combination of offical elements and customized pieces to create his artwork. Each new product is released as a limited edition, and seems to get more popular each time — the most recent one sold out in a day! The latest from Tomi is a vignette showing the early days of Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs (cofounders of Apple Computer):

Thanks to readers Paul and Jeremy for the reminder!

2 comments on “News: The latest from PodBrix sells out in a day

  1. Lego Shark

    Lol look at Wozniak, name and face!

    heh im a mac and apple lover, and i use a macbook which ROCKS.

    Wow, sold out in a day? this guy must be rich by now… how much is that?

  2. Robert Gurskey

    I have the ‘1984’ piece that was released awhile back. I’ll never get another one of these creations. If they don’t have the bricks in the correct color, they use spray paint. Not like black 1 x 8 plates are rare.

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