News: The New is online

Now in its fourth incarnation, is designed to become the place where new LEGO fans can learn about the hobby and see how they can get involved in the fan community.

The site will grow over time, but head on over and check out some of the sections that are already online, including several articles, news, and profiles of the current LEGO Ambassadors (with a particularly unflattering picture of me, which I’ve been meaning to have replaced).

You can contact administrators with your questions and suggestions, and I’ll also be happy to pass along anything you’d like to say.

2 comments on “News: The New is online

  1. Lego Shark

    Umm… maybe im noob but i tries to do the ambassador thing and they arent accepting newcomwers till next year. im kinda sad. but not like d be accepted lol ;)

  2. smcginnis

    Hmm… well, I never really saw the point of LEGOfan, but maybe this incarnation is a bit different (and more useful). Or perhaps I just didn’t visit the old one often enough to see the use of it.

    Anyway, the real reason I was posting is that I found it kinda sad that they still have Erik Brok listed as an Ambassador….


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