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My turn at ApocaLEGO

Well, I finally got it done.  I first started this creation the moment after the new fan-created LEGO theme ApocaLEGO was launched, but it took a while to get just right.  I’m pleased to present Checkpoint.  This checkpoint is stationed around the remains of an old brick building and consists of a crow’s nest lookout, rows of sandbags and barbed wire, and precious little else.  A tilted pole barely manages to provide power, and an awning provides a little relief from the burning sun.

Flickr set.

News: HOW/CON 2007

Okay, I’m more than a little embarrassed. I’ve been incredibly busy with work over the last few weeks, and I’ve neglected my usual online haunts (like and several others) and haven’t kept up with many of the blogs I usually read. But enough about me — I’m just making excuses for why I hadn’t blogged HOW/CON 2007! :-)

HOW/CON 2007 is a contest organized by Kotaro Ono of How Many Studs to LEGOLAND. The contest has two categories — a challenge to use one of the new skeleton horses in a creation, and another challenge to use a skeleton torso.

There are some pretty amazing creations in both categories, so check out the links above! Here are a couple that struck my fancy:

News: Nathan Sawaya on The Colbert Report tonight

Brick artist Nathan Sawaya will be on The Colbert Report tonight. Nathan is best known for his sculptures and mosaics, one of which he built during a taping of The Late Show with David Letterman a while ago. Perhaps Nathan will build something like this tonight:

(By MySpacer Laura M.)

See more Colbert-inspired LEGO creations (including one of my own) at

EDIT: You can view a clip of the show on Thanks for the link, Bryce!