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  1. Lego Shark

    Thats cool. Captain Lawrence Edward Grace Oates (March 17, 1880 – March 17, 1912) was a British Antarctic explorer. He is often referred to by his nickname Titus Oates. In 1910, he applied to join Scott’s expedition to the South Pole, and was accepted on the strength of his experience with horses and his ability to make a financial contribution to the expedition. one of the five-man party who would travel the final distance to the pole, Oates himself had little desire to go to the pole and was additionally suffering from an old war wound which was aggravated by scurvy. He had a really tough time. He chose to seperate from the group and he died while he was out. a terrible tragedy, he had a coast named after him. Oates Coast (69°30′S, 159°0′E) is that portion of the coast of Antarctica between Cape Hudson and Cape Williams. The eastern portion of this coast was discovered in February 1911 by Lieutenant Harry Pennell, Royal Navy, commander of the expedition ship Terra Nova during the British Antarctic Expedition, 1910-13. The western portion of the coast, the vicinity of the Mawson Peninsula, was first delineated from air photos taken by U.S. Navy Operation Highjump, 1946-47.

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