My turn at ApocaLEGO

Well, I finally got it done.  I first started this creation the moment after the new fan-created LEGO theme ApocaLEGO was launched, but it took a while to get just right.  I’m pleased to present Checkpoint.  This checkpoint is stationed around the remains of an old brick building and consists of a crow’s nest lookout, rows of sandbags and barbed wire, and precious little else.  A tilted pole barely manages to provide power, and an awning provides a little relief from the burning sun.

Flickr set.

10 comments on “My turn at ApocaLEGO

  1. Mr. D

    It’s great to see your take on ApocaLEGO, Nate! This is arguably one of the most incredible ApocaLEGO creation to date! Such polish and detail…

    Great work!

  2. smcginnis

    Well…. This is most certainly one of the best Post-Apoc dioramas I’ve yet seen, if not the best. Everything about it is just fantastic.

  3. Nannan

    This is the only apoc creation I’ve seen so far that’s on par with the Legohaulic’s. If you present it with a white background, it’ll be godly.

  4. Craig N.

    Nice job, Nathan! You are actually really good at this. But I don’t thing I’m buying those bolts of electricity on the pole. Good creativity, but leave those pieces for fantasy MOCs.

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