Electronic Warfare Frigate “Kitsune” by Tim Zarki

I’ll repeat my silly multilingual joke I left as a comment on the photo: “Foxy!” (Kitsune means “fox” in Japanese.) And does this represent the fifth of five cool microspace ships? Or is that an “S” that stands for “Sexy?” Hmmm…

4 comments on “Electronic Warfare Frigate “Kitsune” by Tim Zarki


    Well done Spook! this creatiion looks like a spook or least acts like a spook would act….. spying, sabatoge, peeping on you, pulsing stuff, winning hearts and minds. control contorl contrlo..

    Hey this creation looks similar to the work of that crass Lego “Elitist” who calls himself Moren>>>>>> cfnfgu4y67tkt kln?o77rdndfb53y anjtghpioeuy4nrnakmnoppps …oopps. hkil6n? I ment to type >>>>>>>>>>>>>>Soren.

  2. smcginnis

    Awesome work. Obviously. I don’t think there’s anything by Spook that isn’t.


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