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Hotel in Japanese is ホテル

Lettering in LEGO is a challenge. Although the possibilities of lettering in Roman/Latin lettering have been explored rather well, especially by LEGO train fans, it’s rare to see lettering in other scripts, such as Japanese.

Brickshelfer Sonix has changed the “HOTEL” sign in 10182 Cafe Corner to ホテル, which is how you write “Hotel” in Japanese (via Brick Town Talk):

While we’re at it, Sugegasa spells out “Nitro” (ニトロ) — a fitting name for his grill:

Microscale links for August 12, 2007

With both ApocaLEGO and microspace building still going strong, I’m reduced to playing catch-up with roundup posts like this one. It’s a nice problem to have! :-D

A virtual LEGO U.S.S. Sulaco from Aliens by BrickCommander (via Klocki) and The Khet Nasari Relic by Tim Zarki (via Moyblik):

Next, two creations by Andrew Lee (both via MicroBricks):

Finally, every microspace roundup post needs at least one creation from nnenn. This week’s is “Hurassa heavy-dropship, TB12 Porcilm” (via Snoikle):

Happy 75th Birthday, LEGO!

It all started with wooden toys like this duck:

The LEGO Company is celebrating its 75th birthday today. You can read a very cool LEGO timeline on

Here’s to another 75 years of wonderful memories. We can’t wait to find out what’s next!

EDIT: This is what I get for jumping right to the new post page after getting home, without checking the main page first. Well, at least you get a picture of a wooden duck. :-D